Stapeley Angling Centre 10% off any terminal tackle

One item that seems to have been missing from club literature in recent times is that all club members receive 10% off any terminal tackle that they purchase at Stapeley Angling Centre. Many existing members will already be aware of this offer as it has been going for several years but new members may not have been aware.

All you need to do is show your Lymm AC club card when making your purchase. It’s best to tell the person at the checkout before he/she starts to enter your items into the till. Please note that ‘terminal tackle’ means items such as hooks, line, leads, floats, etc., not clothing, rods, reels, etc.

But remember no card means no discount!

2012 Map Book

Dear all

The new map book is now available to view via the link at the top of the forum.

Direct link here >>> <<<
Tight lines for 2012!

Please note:

Holfords Pools are now open for anglers and are detailed in the map book.

2012 Work Parties

As you are probably aware, some waters are closed from 15th March to 15th June inclusive unless you either pay the £55 estate maintenance fee or you complete two six hour work parties on approved work party tasks.
This will entitle you to an over stamp which allows you to fish all the club waters during the closed season, with the exception of Tabley Moat and Tabley Mere which remain closed to all members during the closed season.Besides getting some essential estate maintenance work done, the work parties enable you to meet members ofthe club that you may otherwise never meet and exchange tips and information about the clubs waters.

If you want to attend a work party you will need to book at least a week in advance.You can book by calling Estates on 07432 874 977 or by email details of which can be found  here.

You need to provide your name, contact number, membership number and work party you wish to attend from the dates below.

Sunday 12thFebruary

Saturday 18thFebruary

Sunday 26thFebruary

Saturday 17thMarch

Sunday 25thMarch

Sunday 15thApril

A safety talk willbe given at Whitley compound at 08:45hrs and work will start at 09:00hrs, there will be a lunch break at 12:30hrs to 13:00hrs, workparty will end at 15:15hrs. Please ensure that you turn up on time.

Also ensure that you bring your own Protective equipment (PPE) with you, e.g. sturdy pair of boots, warm clothing (including waterproofs) and industrial/gardening gloves. You will also require a packed lunch.

You can also earn a full, 12 hour over stamp for 2013 by attending the work party onthe River Seven which takes place on Sunday 3rd June 2012.The meeting point/time is the car park on the stretch downstream ofthe River Tern confluence at 09:30hrs.

Some additional work parties take place throughout the year. Details of these will be posted on the clubs website a few days before they take place.


Andy Watson

My Way With Chub

Hi All

For some reason at the moment it seems to be barbel this or carp that and other fish don’t seem to be getting a look in, I wasn’t sure if this is because people are unsure of how to catch chub so I thought id do a quick article on targeting the CHUB!

The Bait

As with all fishing bait is a very important factor, Chub usually take anything you throw at um! worms, maggots, corn, boilies, pellets, bread, pastes you name it and im sure at one point a chub has had it. For targeting Chub my favourite bait has to be the cheese paste!

I came across this recipe a few years ago on the internet and since then iv added a few little extras to it. I can’t remember the site now but if I recall it was done my tony miles.


4oz Strong Cheddar
4oz of Danish Blue
Packet of Pastry
Garlic Powder
Liquid Cheese (the stuff you get in a tube)

I start off by finely grating the cheese, making sure that there is no big lumps of cheese left (this can mask the point of the hook on the strike). I then roll the pastry out, it doesn’t have to be really thin just enough area space to put all the cheese in. When the pastry has been rolled out I then add liquid cheese, smearing it onto the pastry. (You could use proper cheese flavourings that tackle shops sell but I was trying to go with the idea of getting everything from a supermarket on a budget)

Add the grated cheese to the pastry with a couple of tea spoons of the Garlic powder, i choose to use garlic to this mix adds it gives a little edge to just standard cheese paste (mix it up even more by maybe adding some parmesan)

Just keep mixing it all together by hand until all lumps have gone and it is a smooth paste.

I then added a bit of the cheese liquid into 3 bags so when it goes into the freezer it will draw that flavour in. I separate the mix between the 3 bags and you’re ready to go chub fishing! iv been freezing and refreezing these for years and they still come out smelling lovely!

So that’s a DIY cheese paste for less than maybe £5/£6 and it will last you for a few seasons.


Very important when it comes to chub fishing and when you get the nac of spotting these areas it’s hard not to catch sometimes. Areas i like to target are any over hanging bushes or trees, creases as these act as little food carriers for the chub and any snags and rafts. So basically any sort of cover for the chub to hide in or under.

I will start the session by walking the river up and down with a big bag of liquised bread, throwing a couple of hand fulls and a few bits of paste into any of the areas stated above. I usually choose to fish around 5 swims and cycle between them until I find fish, spending maybe 30 minutes or more in each swim. if there’s any chub in the area you should have them within 30 minutes of being at the swim. It’s also important that when you get to the swims, stand low and walk slowly to your peg and don’t make any noise or bang down equipment or you will spook the fish.

Duo light Avon with a quiver tip Reel – On the day i used a center pin but any reel will do the trick line – 6lb hook size – for the cheese paste i like to use a size 10 barbed hook.

The rig I use for my chub fishing is a running feeder rig, which enables me deliver the liquidised bread close to my cheese paste hook bait. I start by attaching a size 10 esp big t to a lighter 6lb hook length then attach this to a swivel, then I run a cage mesh feeder up the main line and a bead and attach it to the swivel


The proof is in the pudding

The biggest chub i have had on this method is just over 5lbs and i have had chub from The Dee, the Severn and theVyrnwy.

5lb rossal Chub caught from a crease

Now you have no excuse! Get out there chub fishing!

By Bruce Ruscoe

Got a story to share contact lymm admin.

Charity tench fish-in to raise money for Help for Heroes

Lymm Angling Club are proud to announce a charity tench fish-in to raise money for Help the Heroes.

It follows on from the success of last year’s event, which was well supported by a number of leading tackle and bait companies who donated prizes and helped the event become a great success.

This year’s charity event will be held at Lymmvale on Saturday, April 21, and will finish no later than midday on April 22.

At the time of writing there are currently two places left, please contact us here for further information.

Other News………

Liam Roberts and his father Will had a good winter’s day fishing, catching some quality roach and perch at Farm Pool.

They were both fishing worm and maggot on the first pegs and had 18 roach and 18 perch between them, the biggest being a roach of around 1lb.

Dave Wynne had a morning chasing pike on Micklewrights and landed one at 7lbs 2oz 0drs.

Tactics were to search each swim, casting numerous times to try to tempt the pike out of its hiding ground, and the fish took a smelt from the bottom of the lake bed.

The pike are in very good condition – they are a nice pale colour, stocky and weigh a fair bit heavier than they look, so if you get one stick it on the scales.

Even though pike are the biggest, strongest, most aggressive fish you are likely to come across in our fisheries, they are most delicate and easily damaged, so please take care when handling.

With January’s catch returns, Founders Pool looks like the good option for winter carp anglers after 14 carp to 21-0-0 were caught in the new year.

The next winter series match will be held on February 12 at Milton Brook.

Also please note the climax to the winter series will be held on March 25 at Micklewright’s Pool.

This change is due because the club are competing in the Super Cup match on March 11.

Keep checking on the club’s website for any venue changes.

Lymm Angling Club 2012 membership payments are being taken at

Prices remain unchanged from last year with senior membership £80, juniors £10 and concessions from £35.

There is a one-off £35 joining fee to those joining for the first time or re-joining the club after a year out.

Lymm Angling Club are also on Facebook and Twitter so all of our members can engage through social networking.

Mike Quinn