My Way With Chub

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For some reason at the moment it seems to be barbel this or carp that and other fish don’t seem to be getting a look in, I wasn’t sure if this is because people are unsure of how to catch chub so I thought id do a quick article on targeting the CHUB!

The Bait

As with all fishing bait is a very important factor, Chub usually take anything you throw at um! worms, maggots, corn, boilies, pellets, bread, pastes you name it and im sure at one point a chub has had it. For targeting Chub my favourite bait has to be the cheese paste!

I came across this recipe a few years ago on the internet and since then iv added a few little extras to it. I can’t remember the site now but if I recall it was done my tony miles.


4oz Strong Cheddar
4oz of Danish Blue
Packet of Pastry
Garlic Powder
Liquid Cheese (the stuff you get in a tube)

I start off by finely grating the cheese, making sure that there is no big lumps of cheese left (this can mask the point of the hook on the strike). I then roll the pastry out, it doesn’t have to be really thin just enough area space to put all the cheese in. When the pastry has been rolled out I then add liquid cheese, smearing it onto the pastry. (You could use proper cheese flavourings that tackle shops sell but I was trying to go with the idea of getting everything from a supermarket on a budget)

Add the grated cheese to the pastry with a couple of tea spoons of the Garlic powder, i choose to use garlic to this mix adds it gives a little edge to just standard cheese paste (mix it up even more by maybe adding some parmesan)

Just keep mixing it all together by hand until all lumps have gone and it is a smooth paste.

I then added a bit of the cheese liquid into 3 bags so when it goes into the freezer it will draw that flavour in. I separate the mix between the 3 bags and you’re ready to go chub fishing! iv been freezing and refreezing these for years and they still come out smelling lovely!

So that’s a DIY cheese paste for less than maybe £5/£6 and it will last you for a few seasons.


Very important when it comes to chub fishing and when you get the nac of spotting these areas it’s hard not to catch sometimes. Areas i like to target are any over hanging bushes or trees, creases as these act as little food carriers for the chub and any snags and rafts. So basically any sort of cover for the chub to hide in or under.

I will start the session by walking the river up and down with a big bag of liquised bread, throwing a couple of hand fulls and a few bits of paste into any of the areas stated above. I usually choose to fish around 5 swims and cycle between them until I find fish, spending maybe 30 minutes or more in each swim. if there’s any chub in the area you should have them within 30 minutes of being at the swim. It’s also important that when you get to the swims, stand low and walk slowly to your peg and don’t make any noise or bang down equipment or you will spook the fish.

Duo light Avon with a quiver tip Reel – On the day i used a center pin but any reel will do the trick line – 6lb hook size – for the cheese paste i like to use a size 10 barbed hook.

The rig I use for my chub fishing is a running feeder rig, which enables me deliver the liquidised bread close to my cheese paste hook bait. I start by attaching a size 10 esp big t to a lighter 6lb hook length then attach this to a swivel, then I run a cage mesh feeder up the main line and a bead and attach it to the swivel


The proof is in the pudding

The biggest chub i have had on this method is just over 5lbs and i have had chub from The Dee, the Severn and theVyrnwy.

5lb rossal Chub caught from a crease

Now you have no excuse! Get out there chub fishing!

By Bruce Ruscoe

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