2012 Work Parties

As you are probably aware, some waters are closed from 15th March to 15th June inclusive unless you either pay the £55 estate maintenance fee or you complete two six hour work parties on approved work party tasks.
This will entitle you to an over stamp which allows you to fish all the club waters during the closed season, with the exception of Tabley Moat and Tabley Mere which remain closed to all members during the closed season.Besides getting some essential estate maintenance work done, the work parties enable you to meet members ofthe club that you may otherwise never meet and exchange tips and information about the clubs waters.

If you want to attend a work party you will need to book at least a week in advance.You can book by calling Estates on 07432 874 977 or by email details of which can be found  here.

You need to provide your name, contact number, membership number and work party you wish to attend from the dates below.

Sunday 12thFebruary

Saturday 18thFebruary

Sunday 26thFebruary

Saturday 17thMarch

Sunday 25thMarch

Sunday 15thApril

A safety talk willbe given at Whitley compound at 08:45hrs and work will start at 09:00hrs, there will be a lunch break at 12:30hrs to 13:00hrs, workparty will end at 15:15hrs. Please ensure that you turn up on time.

Also ensure that you bring your own Protective equipment (PPE) with you, e.g. sturdy pair of boots, warm clothing (including waterproofs) and industrial/gardening gloves. You will also require a packed lunch.

You can also earn a full, 12 hour over stamp for 2013 by attending the work party onthe River Seven which takes place on Sunday 3rd June 2012.The meeting point/time is the car park on the stretch downstream ofthe River Tern confluence at 09:30hrs.

Some additional work parties take place throughout the year. Details of these will be posted on the clubs website a few days before they take place.


Andy Watson

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