Drennan Series 7 – float reel

I’m ashamed to say that this reel was bought through impulse rather than necessity as I have 2 reels that are perfectly adequate for float fishing but given the specification and price of Drennan’s new float reel I found it hard to resist.

Drennan produce two reels in this, the series 7 range one of which comes packaged as a feeder reel with 3 spools and this reel, rated slightly lighter than the former but with the same looks and features. First impressions are outstanding, like with all of Drennan’s products that I have used it is obvious that they take the utmost pride in the innovation, design, quality and variety of their wares and to top it off for me they are 100% British designed and built for the UK angling market.

The reel’s aesthetics are simple, functional and elegant which I like and best of all they are understated which I think is important in fishing tackle. The body of the reel is a mix of metal and hard plastic with a lovely powder coat/ graphite dark grey finish which is highlighted by regions of ‘Titanium’ finished metal such as the one touch button on the handle, the mounting for the rear drag dial and the pivot points of the bale arm mechanism. I’m not taken by fancy fake chrome that scratches easily and looks ‘naff’ after a few sessions. Well done Drennan for focusing on the job in hand and not getting carried away with unnecessary trinkets and ‘bling’.

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One of the selling points of this reel for me was also one of its simplest but most innovative features. Included with the reel are several rubber inserts that fit into the spools to remind you, at a glance, of the line weights on your spools. The rubber inserts come in two units of measurement, millimetre diameter of line and pound test of line including popular decimals like 3.2lb, 4.4lb etc.

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Another feature that I found excellent was that the spools are designed to take a variety of line weights and diameters (Nothing new there you say?) but this includes 100 meter ‘hits’ of line of varying diameters which also negates the use of backing and guess work when loading the spools. In turn this ties in perfectly with the spools of line sold by Drennan such as the superb and classic ‘float fish’ which you would be hard pressed to beat even to this day. At circa £3 per spool you can hardly see this as a shameless marketing ploy more of a clever way to perpetuate business and make the angler’s lives easier when trying to load the spools correctly.

If you are anything like me you will always load the reels a little bit too much in the search for a few more yards on the cast but often this only results in tangles and headaches in the future. There is even a chart on the box which tells you the recommended line weights and types for the included spools which I found useful.

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The spools themselves are cleverly designed with positive and pleasing ‘one touch’ removal for quick changes with perfectly shaped taper that, when correctly filled, I have found allow much greater distance than the reels that I am used to namely browning and Avanti this is especialy noticable when using lighter floats. This is testament to the series 7’s impeccable line lay that is further aided by the clever recesses in the spools for the loop knots as well as a deeper groove in this region to eliminate any accumulative ‘bulge’ when filling. The real comes complete with 3 shallow spools, one of which is alloy and the other 2 are made from a composite material.

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The line clips are another clever design feature as, with the aluminium spool, they are a 2 piece clip so the line clip sits within a further plastic recess to prevent line damage when repeatedly casting to the clip. The line clip is attached to a metal component inside the spool to acts like a leaf spring to give further protection and durability.

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The roller on the bail arm has been cleverly designed to prevent line looping over the bale arm assembly within use and I am yet to experience this happening. This happened often with my other reels so makes the reel that much more enjoyable to use.

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The handle is made of dimpled rubber and is very tactile and fits between your fingers very nicely. Winding is perfectly weighted and the reel is balanced and although I could hear an ever so light scuff every 2 revolutions you can’t feel it and it has proved un-noticeable in ‘real world’ fishing. This has improved in the few months that I have been using the reel. The anti reverse is very easy to operate and positive with a definite click when you engage and is totally instant as is the rear drag which has a great tough plastic bezel. Again it operates smoothly and positively with audible and pleasing clicks as it rotates.

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The reel contains a whopping 8 ball bearings and one clutch bearing which is astonishing for a reel in this price bracket. The reel is very smooth and the clutch is like silk. I have landed carp to high single figures that really went and the clutch coped very very well and was very easy to adjust in the fight. The ratio is 5.1 to 1 (the bale rotates 5 times for every turn of the handle) so this is great for fishing ‘on the drop’ or where regular casting is needed. In use the small size of the reel makes it very manageable as the spool and bale arm can be controlled single handedly and line can be trapped on the lip of the spool with a finger.

I will now be critical as I have been very surprised and happy up until this point. For a starter the reels boast 8 ball bearings I would expect it to be a little smother. I have felt much smoother reels in shops that contain less BB’s but admittedly they have cost up to 4 times as much. This reel retails at about £34.00 which in my eyes is at the top end of budget reel money so you can’t be ‘too’ critical of this. The other thing that I wasn’t head over heels with it that the reel has to be cranked a bit to engage the bail arm after the cast when in certain positions. This can obviously be solved by engaging it with a finger and may improve with use but I just thought I’d try to give a balanced review.

In summary – If you are in the market for a great, float/ light feeder reel there are well worth considering. It’s Drennan’s first foray into the reel market along with their budget ‘Red’ series reels and I think that this should be seen as a great success. I am very happy with it and would recommend one to anyone especially when considering the sub £35.00 retail price point. Another great, no nonsense product from the Drennan range that I’m sure will gain in popularity for years to come and become a classic very quickly.

Andy Atack

Posted 19 January 2012 – 10:35pm

Lymm Angling Club: Shakerley Mere could be hiding monster bream

4:17pm Thursday 29th March 2012

SHAKERLEY Mere was once renowned for its large bream but it has been quite a few years since the capture of any significance has been reported. That all changed with a new member targeting the mere’s carp and landing a specimen bream weighing in at 14lbs 2ozs 0drs. The huge bream fell at night to white boilies fished at 30 metres and would have qualified for the club’s unofficial record list if its capture had been witnessed and a photograph had been taken.Nonetheless, big fish like this tend to come through in cycles and there is likely to be a year-class that are all around the same weight.

The end of the rivers’ course fishing season tempted a number of members to venture out for a last cast and with barbel and chub being the target species they were duly rewarded for their efforts. At the club’s Atcham stretch of the River Severn a group of dedicated river stalwarts had a magnificent haul of barbel, the best of which weighed 9-11-0. This last-ditch effort also saw the return of Phil Hatton to the banks of the Severn after an enforced lay-off due to ill health. Phil enjoyed landing his barbel and is looking forward to plenty more in the new season.

Graeme Roberts paid his first visit to the River Bollin with new member Paul Davenport and had a pristine barbel within the first hour. Taken directly from the heart of the weir, it weighed a respectable 7-6-0 and fought tremendously well in the fast flow on light tackle.

The course river season will re-open on June 16 but in the meantime many members are turning to fly fishing and targeting the club’s stretches at Peover Eye, the River Bollin and the River Dane for some anticipated hectic game fish action.

Lymmvale will be closed from midnight on Friday, April 20 to noon on Sunday, April 22, due to the annual fundraising tench competition in aid of Help for Heroes. The contest, held over 24 hours, will have prizes for top aggregate weight, biggest male and biggest female (tench that is). Tea and coffee will be available and you may make a contribution to the charity. All members are welcome to attend and we are still looking for raffle prizes – please call the club if you can offer your support.

All fishing places have been filled.

Annual General Meeting held on 26th March 2012

Updated 11th April 2012.

The club’s AGM was held on Monday 26th March at Rudheath Social Club. The very positive meeting was attended by 44 members and saw the election of a new committee who will continue to take the club forward into 2013. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer were voted on at the AGM and the following people appointed;

Secretary – Andy Watson
Treasurer – Paul Wild

The following co-opted officers of the club where also elected at the AGM and had their specific roles assigned when the new committee convened on the 2nd of April;

Andy Latham – Head Bailiff & Membership Secretary
Mark Hickman – Assistant Head Bailiff
Graeme Roberts – Website Administrator
Andy Atack – Press & PR Officer
Phil Hatton – Vice-Chairman
Bill Last – New Waters Acquisitions & Liaison Officer
Paul Wild – Head of Estates Maintenance

Neil Boaz, John Stubbs and Chris Finneran continue their 3 year term as officers of the club and will continue with their current roles;

Neil Boaz – Chairman & Fisheries Manager
John Stubbs – Head Waterkeeper
Chris Finneran – Junior Section Organiser

The clubs Trustees are;

Nev Henshaw
John Stubbs
Peter Carmichael
Terry Finnegan

The new committee is keen to progress with the smooth running of the club and will ensure members are kept informed of developments via the club’s news Blog, e-shots and the new website which is scheduled to go live after Easter http://www.lymmanglersclub.com/index.htm.

A full list of club contacts can be found on the members forum here alternatively you can use the Contact Us form here.

Thank you,

Lymm Angling Club Committee

Lymm Angling Club public Blog site to be retired.


We recently created a members only area for our current members to receive the latest club news and as a result we’ll be retiring this Blog site.

The existing posts will remain for anyone to look back on in this Blog so feel free to browse at your leisure. If you’d like to join us please visit our website and see what we have to offer https://www.lymmanglingclub.com/

LAC LogoLymm Angling Club was founded in 1948 and is one of the premier angling clubs in the UK. Based in the Northwest of England the club has a variety of waters that cater for specimen, pleasure and match anglers alike. Whether it’s a still water filled with either Carp or mixed coarse fish, a specialist water with a small head of specimen sized fish or a river teaming with Barbel, Grayling, Chub or Trout, Lymm Angling Club has waters for you.

New club website released for testing

We are delighted to announce a pre-launch of the club’s new website on the forum. The club’s forum community will get to test drive the new website and provide feedback before it’s world-wide web launch in a couple of weeks time.

The existing website will be retired once the new one is up and running and if previous statistics are anything to go by it can expect to receive in the region of 30 million hits a year from locations all around the world! Visit the new site here.

The new website and Blog is part of an initiative to keep members informed with the latest club news, events and announcements. Combined with the club’s quickly growing Facebook and Twitter sites we hope to reach all our current and prospective membership.

The links to Facebook and Twitter are on the bottom of each web page and the News section on the main menu will take you here to the Lymm Angling News Blog. This is your club and your site so please feel free to contribute, you can contact us here.


Lymm Admin.

Barbel fish-ins 2012

The barbel fish-ins run twice a year and are aimed at giving river novices the chance to hook into their first barbel and experience the tremendous fight you get in the flow of a river like the Severn. Each novice is allocated a mentor for the day and the pegs at Atcham are allocated to give them the best chance of a barbel. It’s also a great social event allowing club members the chance to meet up and enjoy a chat over the famous BBQ which is expertly run by Bill.

The fish-ins where started by ‘Sir’ Cliff Taylor some 4 years ago, he has organised the twice yearly event ever since and no doubt encouraged many novice river anglers into this fantastic sport.

After the September 2011 event Cliff announced his retirement as an organiser but rest assured he will be in attendance at future events even if it’s just simply to fish and pass on his experience and enthusiasm for this great species. Here is an extract from Cliffs post on the forum;

“Finally, I’m sorry to say that September’s barbel fish-in will be the last one I run for the foreseeable future. I started the fish-ins around six years ago and they have increased in popularity throughout that time to the extent where they have become a major event in the club’s calendar. But I believe it’s time for new blood, with new ideas, to get involved and to develop the fish-ins further. I have already spoken to a couple of people who have said that they are willing to take on the task and, knowing them well, I am confident they will do the events justice.

My best wishes are extended to all that have attended the fish-ins over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed organising them and have made many new friends. Special thanks go to Nev Henshaw and Bill Last who have brightened up the day with their fishy tales and humour.”

I am delighted to be one of the people Cliff has asked to take over organising these events and I look forward to the challenges ahead. The fish-ins have provided a great opportunity to get involved in barbel fishing and there are many testimonials to their success on the forum. It allows the novice river angler to ‘have a go’ under the expert guidance of our mentors who freely give up their time to help out plus it’s a great social event and an opportunity for many to put faces to familiar names within the club.

The 2012 events will follow a similar format to previous years and will fall on similar weekends in July and September, there may be a later start time of 12 noon to encourage anglers to fish on into the late evening when barbel are known to be more active but other than that I firmly believe in the old saying ‘don’t fix it unless it’s broke’ The Raven Café will remain as our initial meeting place for a hearty breakfast or you can go straight to Atcham for the traditional welcome and induction session.

The July event will take place on Saturday 21st July 2012 followed by the September event on Saturday 8th September 2012, some members have previously made a weekend of it and stayed over till the Sunday, myself included, but if you just want to have a taste of river fishing for the mighty Barbus Barbus then the Saturday’s will provide you with that opportunity and you may even win a prize, donated by the club, on the day!

The list is now open and names being taken on the members forum where you’ll also find all the information on tackle and tips to ensure you get the most out of what promises to be a very enjoyable days fishing. In the meantime if you want to look back at previous events just search for ‘Barbel’ on the forum and follow the fish-in threads.

I look forward to meeting you later in 2012,

Tight lines,

Grazy (aka Bob).