New club website released for testing

We are delighted to announce a pre-launch of the club’s new website on the forum. The club’s forum community will get to test drive the new website and provide feedback before it’s world-wide web launch in a couple of weeks time.

The existing website will be retired once the new one is up and running and if previous statistics are anything to go by it can expect to receive in the region of 30 million hits a year from locations all around the world! Visit the new site here.

The new website and Blog is part of an initiative to keep members informed with the latest club news, events and announcements. Combined with the club’s quickly growing Facebook and Twitter sites we hope to reach all our current and prospective membership.

The links to Facebook and Twitter are on the bottom of each web page and the News section on the main menu will take you here to the Lymm Angling News Blog. This is your club and your site so please feel free to contribute, you can contact us here.


Lymm Admin.

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