Juniors helped by May’s tuition

SUNDAY saw the opening match of the Juniors Spring Series, with 13 anglers aged 8 to 15 taking part. Abilities ranged from complete novice upwards and all caught, but bites were at times hard to come by.

The highlight of the day was one-to-one coaching from top angler Andy May.

Andy spent time with everyone in the match, going through their rigs and the fishes feeding habits.

In the match Kyle Hickman benefited most from Andy’s coaching with a net of tench, crucian carp and silver fish for 10lbs 4ozs 0drs.

Second was James Mayer in his first match with 4-3-0, while third place went to Connor Higham with 3-4-0 including a specimen roach at 2-2-0.

Conor Lindley with 2-11-0 and Alex Warham with 2-2-0 made up fourth and fifth places and all are looking forward to the next event which takes place on Sunday.

Serpentine Pool has been delivering the goods once again for our members, with Greg Winstanley landing his first Lymm fish since joining the club in January.

Greg spotted the tell tale sign of fish activity and casted in, dropping 10 baits over the spot.

Within five minutes his bobbins started rising and he struck into a mirror carp which tipped the scales round to 12-5-0.

Greg has promised to return soon for the bigger specimens.

Paul Backhouse had been fishing hard for his first Lymm 20lb fish, but an overnight session at Belmont Pool saw him catch no less than two large mirror carp weighing 25-0-0 and 26-0-0 respectively.

He topped the session up with another two specimens at 14-0-0 and 19-0-0. Paul put his change of fortune down to his daughter, who accompanied him for the session, as being a good luck charm.

Mike Whewell was also chasing his first 20lb carp and was duly rewarded with a fine specimen of 20-3-0 out of Serpentine Pool, also on the Belmont Estate.

Mike then rounded off a perfect week’s fishing with a return session on Yew Tree Pool with the ‘young-un’ and had three carp to 11-0-0.

Mike Quinn braved torrential rain for a five hour session on Belmont Pool and was duly rewarded with a feisty 18-0-0 mirror carp.

When it’s raining……

Mike then returned a few days later for an overnighter with Ash and had a great evening bagging his previously best PB known as ‘Bretts Fish’ but this time getting a great photo thanks to young Ash.

A night later Bretts fish was gracing the banks once again, this time a new PB for Rob Millar at 28-2-0, well done Rob no wonder you were smiling the morning after!!

Finally, the club are pleased to announce the launch of their new website, which showcases all the club’s waters and what members can expect to catch. It also includes news and events and can be found here.

Osborne picks up match prize

A BUSY Sunday in the Lymm Angling Club calendar saw the first of the adult matches of the spring series which was held at Milton Brook near Chester.

First place went to John Osborne with 8lbs 14ozs 0drs, second place was secured by Mark Davies with 8-3-0 and third place was taken by Jimmy Byrne with a combined weight of 7-15-0.

The successful opening day of the junior section series was held at Woodside Pool and in attendance was fishing tutor and multiple Kamasan match champion Andy May.

The events are organised by qualified ADB coaching staff and cater for the complete novice as well as keen young match anglers.

The next junior event is on Sunday, April 29.

Philip Kurdziej had an exciting trip to Serpentine Pool on the Belmont Estate with a rare double hook up of carp in wet conditions.

A quick-thinking member on the next peg came to Philip’s rescue and helped him to land both fish of around 16lbs. Philip went on to land four carp in the short session.

New member Gary Rodgerson’s choice of venue was Spring Pool for a day session. He landed two golden tench of 5lbs and six carp in the 4 to 6lb weight range.

Roach and skimmer bream also came throughout the day and tactics were light waggler float fishing with red maggots.

New junior member Adam Roberts joined dad Graeme for a 24-hour session on Micklewright’s Flash and got three tench between them.

Adam landed his first ever tench which weighed in at 3-2-0, with another at 3lb following, while Graeme finished off the session with a personal best at 4-2-0, all falling to a method feeder and popped up corn.

The recently opened Holford Pools are off to a flying start with new member David Cornes having a great day on Pinetops and landing a credible 13 bream ranging from 6ozs to just over 6lbs.

This weekend there will be a tench competition on Lymmvale in aid of Help for Heroes.

The format will be similar to last year’s event; the contest will be over 24 hours, kicking off on Saturday morning and will finish no later than noon on Sunday.

All places are taken now for this year’s event but members are all welcome to pop down to contribute to the charity pot as these events are great social meetings as well as offering some exciting competition.

New Holford Pools worth a try.

AS predicted, the unseasonably summery weather at the end of March gave way to the more familiar showers, winds, snow and chilly nights.

But our hardy members have braved the elements and are still reporting encouraging catches throughout our still waters.

The recently-opened Halfords pools, which are made up of Barlow’s pool and Pinetops pool, are situated near Northwich and have been providing excellent catches of crucians, carp, bream, roach and perch.

The two small pools that consist of a larger pool of around 16 pegs and smaller pool of around six pegs were stocked by a former club as a mixed fishery set in a secure, quiet site and are providing great early season sport.

Pole and waggler have so far proved successful methods.

There is a good head of bream to 4lbs and plenty of roach, chub, tench and increasingly rare crucians can be found in this picturesque setting.

These two waters are essentially mixed fishing venues but do hold some larger fish and tackle should be balanced accordingly, and please exercise care to avoid the overhead cables.

At all times be respectful to any staff or security and produce membership cards when asked.

If session angling is your thing then why not visit the beautiful Lymmvale near Whitegate, to the north west of Winsford.

The water is a specimen hunter’s paradise boasting carp in excess of 30lbs, tench to more than 10lbs and muscular and explosive Wells catfish that have now reached more than 60lbs.

In addition there is a population of stillwater barbel and chub as well as the venue once being the home to the current British record-breaking golden orfe that was landed by current member and angling expert Mike Wilkinson.

Be mindful that Lymmvale is an ‘over stamp’ water and may only be fished by members in possession of an over stamped card during the close season.

Mike ‘W’ Wilkinson our resident record holder is also the club’s reports’ keeper and has released interesting statistics about club waters on our forum.

If carp float your boat head to Milton Brook, Serpintine and Woodside pool.

If tench tickle your fancy try Lymmvale, Grimsditch and Woodside pool.

If silvers (roach, rudd, bream and perch) are your bag then the top venue is Woodside followed by farm pool and Grimsditch.

Talking of roach, rudd, bream and perch, the club has a thriving match-fishing scene and the first match of the summer is being held at Milton Brook on Sunday. Andy Atack

Lymm anglers make the most of the sun

WITH the recent spell of summer-like high pressure, has come an increase in catch reports from our many still waters.

Club member and avid carp enthusiast Nick Drogman enjoyed a bumper 24-hour bag of eight prime carp from Serpentine pool on the Belmont estate.

The carp, all in double figures, topped by a cracker of 18lb 4oz 0drs that fell to ledgered boilies fed little and often.

Since starting this article club bailiff Jeremy Ashall and Mike Quinn have also both reported excellent catches from Serpentine Pool, with the anglers landing six and four carp respectively up to 20 pounds plus.

The distribution of fish throughout the pools has widened with the increase in water temperatures and they seem to be well and truly ‘on the feed’, so anglers will be increasing baiting to capitalise on conditions.

A recent survey on Wrinehill pool in Betley revealed good numbers of carp spread throughout the lake as they could be spotted basking in the sun near the surface during the day.

Having just returned from a session there I am delighted to report a pristine common that fell to ‘zig’ tactics to new club member Stuart Tulloch and a very rare capture in the form of a fully scaled mirror fell to Stoke-on-Trent angler Phil Spendelow.

‘Cat-master’ Mick O Connor also took advantage of the warm weather conditions to target the catfish at Spring Pool.

Two screaming runs during the night led to nothing as both resulted in Mick striking into thin air.

By 8am the following morning, no further action was forthcoming but as Mick started to pack up one of his bite alarms burst into life and he struck into what was obviously a big fish.

A prolonged tussle then ensued and eventually Mick drew his landing net under a 36-7-0 leviathan, Mick’s biggest capture from that water to date.

Micklewright’s Flash near Crewe was host to seasoned river angler Graeme Roberts, who looked to catch an early tench.

Unfortunately the large population of tench proved elusive for Graeme but the hungry carp that reside in this delightful and exciting mixed fishery were more forgiving and he had several fish during the session on light line tactics.

His best of the trip was a stunning ‘ghostie’ that tipped the scales at a pleasing 15-0-0.

A quick look at the weather shows we will likely return to a chilly and wet outlook.

Looks like we will be swapping the sun cream for thermals and the zig rigs for dead baits.

Andy Atack

Rod Tip Repair

I bought my self a Fox Warrior carp rod a couple of years ago and have managed to snap about 3 inchs of the top of it in my bag. I took it to my local tackle shop where they repaired it for a fiver. I dont think the tip was pushed on to well as  it managed to bend off, not had chance to get it repaired just after the tip came off. I had some spare time yesterday so I took it to the tackle shop to get it repaired, I was a little disapointed  as the didn’t really have   much tips rings in stock to do repairs but was happy for a non matching top ring to be put on the rod. As long as it was useable I am happy, but they were unable to repair it because they didnt have a lighter. They gave me the stuff I needed to repair the rod and I was quite surprised how easy it is to replace a top eye.

So I thought I would share how easy it is to replace that damaged top eye on your rod.

You can get a pack of eyes for £1.25 http://www.mullarkeys.co.uk/fishing/rods-(includes-kits-and-combos)/rod-building-equipment/1/mullarkeys/12390/ all you need then is a small needle to warm a little heat gun glue under and your back fishing

So something you could do on the bank, hope this helps to save you guys some money and gets you fishing again on the bank asap.