Rod Tip Repair

I bought my self a Fox Warrior carp rod a couple of years ago and have managed to snap about 3 inchs of the top of it in my bag. I took it to my local tackle shop where they repaired it for a fiver. I dont think the tip was pushed on to well as  it managed to bend off, not had chance to get it repaired just after the tip came off. I had some spare time yesterday so I took it to the tackle shop to get it repaired, I was a little disapointed  as the didn’t really have   much tips rings in stock to do repairs but was happy for a non matching top ring to be put on the rod. As long as it was useable I am happy, but they were unable to repair it because they didnt have a lighter. They gave me the stuff I needed to repair the rod and I was quite surprised how easy it is to replace a top eye.

So I thought I would share how easy it is to replace that damaged top eye on your rod.

You can get a pack of eyes for £1.25 all you need then is a small needle to warm a little heat gun glue under and your back fishing

So something you could do on the bank, hope this helps to save you guys some money and gets you fishing again on the bank asap.

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