New Holford Pools worth a try.

AS predicted, the unseasonably summery weather at the end of March gave way to the more familiar showers, winds, snow and chilly nights.

But our hardy members have braved the elements and are still reporting encouraging catches throughout our still waters.

The recently-opened Halfords pools, which are made up of Barlow’s pool and Pinetops pool, are situated near Northwich and have been providing excellent catches of crucians, carp, bream, roach and perch.

The two small pools that consist of a larger pool of around 16 pegs and smaller pool of around six pegs were stocked by a former club as a mixed fishery set in a secure, quiet site and are providing great early season sport.

Pole and waggler have so far proved successful methods.

There is a good head of bream to 4lbs and plenty of roach, chub, tench and increasingly rare crucians can be found in this picturesque setting.

These two waters are essentially mixed fishing venues but do hold some larger fish and tackle should be balanced accordingly, and please exercise care to avoid the overhead cables.

At all times be respectful to any staff or security and produce membership cards when asked.

If session angling is your thing then why not visit the beautiful Lymmvale near Whitegate, to the north west of Winsford.

The water is a specimen hunter’s paradise boasting carp in excess of 30lbs, tench to more than 10lbs and muscular and explosive Wells catfish that have now reached more than 60lbs.

In addition there is a population of stillwater barbel and chub as well as the venue once being the home to the current British record-breaking golden orfe that was landed by current member and angling expert Mike Wilkinson.

Be mindful that Lymmvale is an ‘over stamp’ water and may only be fished by members in possession of an over stamped card during the close season.

Mike ‘W’ Wilkinson our resident record holder is also the club’s reports’ keeper and has released interesting statistics about club waters on our forum.

If carp float your boat head to Milton Brook, Serpintine and Woodside pool.

If tench tickle your fancy try Lymmvale, Grimsditch and Woodside pool.

If silvers (roach, rudd, bream and perch) are your bag then the top venue is Woodside followed by farm pool and Grimsditch.

Talking of roach, rudd, bream and perch, the club has a thriving match-fishing scene and the first match of the summer is being held at Milton Brook on Sunday. Andy Atack

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