Center Pin Review

Hello all

Thought it would be worth telling you about one of my recent purchases as there are a fair few river rats on the forum who might be interested.

I always fancied a centre pin reel for long trotting on rivers and such and saw the budget offering from Avanti in Anglers Mail recently so thought, for the money, it may be worth a look.

I did a bit of digging on line and apparently it is very similar to one offered by TF gear but at less cost and that, when out of stock at Avanti they change hands on eBay for up to £50. I figured that I may get out with it half a dozen times per year at a push and couldn’t justify spending lots on one that would get little use.

I’m a great believer in, buy cheap, buy twice and you get what you pay for but feedback all seemed ok so I took the plunge. I have been sorely disappointed by Avanti/ Dragoncarp products in the past but threw caution to the wind and blew a full £30 of my own money on the reel.:w00t:

48 hours of waiting by the letterbox flap later… :unsure:

First impressions were very good. The reel comes in a rather natty, faux velvet drawstring bag to stop it getting scratched and is finished to a high standard. It weighs around 8.5 oz and has a solid positive feel to it. The twin handles feel robust and are made from varnished wood that is pleasing to the touch. (oooh er missus… :ymca: )

The ratchet mechanism is simplicity itself – surely it won’t go wrong in many, many years.

The reel is smooth as silk and spins for getting on 1 minute if you give it some beans.

All in all things look superb but as a ‘pin’ virgin I have nothing to compare it too and am yet to use it in anger so cant make comment as to every day use and how well it would stand up to the rigours of combat fishing, sand and being dropped. I’m sure like anything though if you look after it it will look after you!

To summarise, if you fancy giving ‘pin’ fishing a go but wont be on the river every day of the year I would say that these are worth a look.

Since writing this review they have replaced the reel with a mk2 version

£40.00 & £6.00 P&P

(All you need now is a wicker creel, checked shirt and floppy hat to complete the authentic Mr Crabtree look)

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