Lymm Angling Club members soak up the sunshine!!

It’s been another successful week for members with many taking advantage of the sunshine and getting a few hours in on the banks.

Ashley Davidson was at Lymmvale targeting the Tench when a fully scaled Mirror Carp decided to take his bait, it tipped the scales around to 15-14-0 and to finish off the short session Ashley also had 2 Tench to 3-8-0.

Ashley Davidson 15lb 14oz Mirror Lymmvale

Warrington based Jason McBreen was planning his first trip this year and settled on Serpentine Pool. He was soon into the fish and had a new PB at 23-7-0 followed by a further three, all Mirror Carp.

Jason McBreen 23lb 7oz New PB Serpentine Pool

Not a bad first session for Jason who also reported losing a certain twenty at the net.

Regular Mike Quinn had another short session on Belmont Pool mid week and fished Oak peg taking a couple of carp to 15-0-0, Mike reported plenty of fish showing in the out of bounds area which is a sure sign that they’ll soon be spawning.

Belmont Pool Oak Peg

Mike Quinn Belmont Pool 13lb Mirror

Later in the week Mike spent 24 hours on Lymmvale an apart from some very uncomfortable sun burn enjoyed catching a total of 3 Mirror carp to 16-0-0 followed by a resident Tench of around 5-0-0 giving Mike a new PB.

Mike Quinn Lymmvale 16lb Mirror

Mike Quinn Lymmvale 5lb Tench

Mike Whewell had a couple of hours in on Serpentine mid week and was rewarded with a hard fighting Ghost Carp and a Mirror Carp.

Mike Whewell Ghostie Serpentine Pool

Mike Whewell Mirror Serpentine Pool

The Father and son duo Mike & Ben Whewell then returned to Serpentine Pool a few days later and had three carp in total including a new PB for young Ben a pristine looking Common at 18-0-0.

Ben Whewell 18lb Common New PB Serpentine Pool

Mike Whewell 14lb Mirror Serpentine Pool

Ben Whewell second Common Carp of the session at Serpentine Pool

Paul Critchley paid a visit to Milton Brook after a twenty pound + carp using fakes baits and particles. The first few hours proved un-productive so after a chat to the Bailiff and as Paul was travelling light he moved to another swim and was soon amongst the fish.

The first was a Common Carp at 7-12-0 followed by a Mirror Carp weighing 12-12-0 at last knockings. Paul was pleased with his days efforts and had rang the changes on hook bait and hook length proving to himself that it isn’t always about boilies.

Paul’s Particle Feast

Paul Critchley 7lb 12oz Common Milton Brook

Paul Critchley 12lb 12oz Mirror Milton Brook

Liam Roberts was also catching at Milton Brook and had a very respectable Mirror Carp which weighed in at 16-2-0, this fell to a 10mm boilie and a small PVA bag dipped in the new Korda Goo.

Shakerley Mere is popular with members and Alex Dean had a great result on this challenging water taking a cracking looking Mirror Carp caught on a bottom bait fished at range. The Mirror Carp tipped the scales around to 24-0-0 and Alex was very pleased with the result. Day tickets for Shakerley Mere can be bought from the Club Shop on the website and although it is our only day ticket water it can provide some hectic action for non-members of the club.

Finally Darren Grub is the first member to enter the Catch of the Month competition with a stunning Ghost Carp caught from Serpentine Pool and weighing an impressive 15-10-0. Darren’s capture will be entered into the first monthly competition for June and he stands to win £50’s worth of mixed bait and a £20 voucher for Bailey’s Tackle & Bait in Warrington.

Catch of the Month entry Darren Grub 15lb 10oz Ghostie from Serpentine Pool

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