Tabley big un! New club record at 36lb

We decided this year to step up our fishing and start putting our efforts in to one water and chose ‘The Moat’ due to the rumors regarding big old fish and not being able to find any info regarding the place, so we decided to find out for ourselves. and what a start!

We arrived at 12.01 on June 16th and were amazed to find people already on. Not to worry turned out a blessing in disguise.

Well after a very quiet night and morning and seeing very few sighting of fish or people the all important moment arrived at 6:45pm. The rod screamed away to what at first felt like a big bream the way it was flopping side to side but it eventually it woke up under the tip and tried to get me in the snags on the left hand side, and shortly after my trusty gillie netted it for me.

We both realized this was a decent fish as soon as we seen the gut on it!! We checked the scales were all in order with the sling the dial was clocking the the pounds off like no tomorrow but eventually the needled settled at 36lb and we couldn’t believe it after hearing rumors of biggest being 29lb, we then weighed it on Mikes scales and 36lb again.

Mike was sure it was a new club record and spoke to Jez to let him know who confirmed this as a new club record …..I can’t describe how happy I am, sorry if i woke anyone up with my little scream but I was ecstatic and I still am.

What a start to the season, but is the fun over before it began? I plan to stay on Tabley Moat this year to see if i can have any of the other residents……watch this space!!


2 thoughts on “Tabley big un! New club record at 36lb

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