Ian seizes the moment

Having not got an over stamp this year I have spent most of my fishing time on the canals with mixed results, some decent bream and eels also a nice carp fell to my rods in between many blank sessions.

Ian with a canal Tench

Canal Common Carp

Ian wrestles a decent canal Eel

However this was just a stop gap until I could get back on Lymmvale once again. Today was my first chance to do so having knocked off work early and I was there by 7pm, with the weather a bit warmer I knew my favoured stalking tactics would give me a chance of a carp in the couple of hours I had.

I headed straight for the far end of the west bank where you can usually find a carp or two and it was opposite the steps and boathouse pegs I stumbled upon a group of 6 of 7 carp ripping up the bottom about 5 feet out. Of the visible fish most were low doubles but one however was noticeably larger, a scaly mirror which looked like a twenty, so this was to be the target.

My rod was already set to go with just a size 8 hook on the line to which I tightly squeezed a small piece of bread to so it would slowly sink causing minimal disturbance to the fish. As the bait fell through the water I watched as one of the smaller fish moved in, I had to quickly lift the bread out so as not to catch the fish which on most days I would of loved to catch, but the twenty a few feet away was worth the gamble.

I re-baited and once again watched the bread slowly flutter down through the clear water, as it came to rest on the bottom inches from the fishes mouth it was only a matter of time. The bait disappeared and before the fish had chance to move I struck and was in, a ten minute battle ensued before I managed to coax the carp into the waiting net. At 22lb it’s by no means the biggest the Vale has to offer but for a quick evening session it’s certainly a result.

Ian’s 22lb Mirror Carp fell to bread flake

Buoyed by the recent success and with a day off work another visit to Lymmvale was inevitable. I arrived early afternoon to find only 4 other people on, a quick walk round located a group of fish mooching around on the surface. A hand full of dog biscuits was all it took to get the fish feeding, followed swiftly by my freelined banded biscuit. A few moments passed before a fish engulfed the bait and was hooked.

Ian’s second session in a row proved successful once again

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