Lymm AC members enjoy the Barbel Fish-In July 2012

A total of 22 anglers and 10 mentors attend the first of two Barbel fish-ins on the clubs River Severn stretch at Atcham. The events are aimed at giving river novices the chance to hook into their first barbel and experience the tremendous fight you get in the flow of a river like the Severn. Each novice is allocated a mentor for the day and the pegs at Atcham are allocated to give them the best chance of a barbel. It’s also a great social event allowing club members the chance to meet up and enjoy a chat over the famous BBQ which is expertly run by Bill Last & Phil Hatton.

The event starts with a social meet and greet at the BBQ.

Bill tends to the BBQ, catering for over 30 hungry members.

The session was introduced by Graeme and Cliff and the message of the day was ‘enjoy it and have fun’. The avid barbel hunters made their way to pre-allocated pegs along with their mentors who every year freely give up their time to help the river newbies.

Newbie Ged with mentors Ash, Phil, Nev and Bill.

This year it was decided that the right hand field on the upper stream section was to be host to all the river novices and those who’d fished the Severn before would settle into pegs on the left hand field, this worked very well allowing the organisers to get around and check everyone was OK and more importantly enjoying themselves!!

Pre-allocated pegs ensured everyone had a fair chance of a bertie barbel.

Richard & Wayne in Poachers field, having took part last year have never looked back and have stuck to river fishing ever since!! Nice shorts but that sunburn has got to hurt!!

Also new to this years event was the use of ‘Duffers’ peg 9 which traditionally had nearly always produced for most anglers throughout the season. Bill, having worked hard on the BBQ, was placed in charge of Duffers and after setting his rods up started rotating the peg amongst the newbies, the first of which was Liam and dad Will.

Soon after Duffers started to produce the goods and Liam was delighted to catch his first barbel at around 5lb followed by one for Will and yet another for Liam before they handed over the peg to Bob who’d attended the last three fish-ins without a barbel in the net.

Liam with his first of two barbel…

Liam after safely returning his first of two barbel on Duffers peg.

Not to be out-done dad Will with his first Severn barbel…

Sadly the forecast of cloud with occasional sunny spells was way off the mark and as the sun beat down on the enthusiastic members it became apparent that a daylight barbel was unlikely happen. Undeterred they continued to fish enthusiastically and waited for the sun to go down hoping the evening session would encourage the barbel to start feeding on all the free offerings that gone in during the afternoon.

It’s a waiting game when the barbel aren’t playing ball.

George enjoys the river experience albeit a bit too quiet on the barbel front.

Sorry Tommy foul hooked Salmon Par don’t count at a Barbel fish-in!!

Gareth saves a certain blank with a nice chub!!

As darkness fell it became clear the barbel had switched off but as some anglers resided themselves to a blank session they all agreed it had been a fantastic day out on the river, all the newbies had learned how to target the barbel and all said they’d return to do battle another day. A big thank you to all who attended the fish-in and especially the mentors who freely gave up their time and knowledge to help the new lads who can now go on to enjoy the fantastic sport available in our river stretches.

With Septembers event fully booked and a reserve list in operation we’ll leave you with a few more photo’s from this great event in the club calendar.

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Cudmore Show a success for Lymm AC

The Great Northern Fishing Fishing Show held at Cudmore Fisheries was hailed a big success for Lymm AC when we attended the 2 day event on 14th and 15th July. Staged as the biggest event in the angling calendar with an anticipated 10,000 visitors who came to see all the big names in fishing from all aspects of the sport.

Press & PR manager Andy Atack work tirelessly in preparation for the event and arranged for the club to have a prime spot along the main route leading up the pool that was hosting the main event ensuring all the visitors walked past our stand.

Prime location for the Lymm AC stand next to Drumble Lake

The main event on the first day was the Fish ‘O’ Mania XIX final with Warren Martin taking the £30,000 first prize and with Sky broadcasting the event live it was a great opportunity to  raise the profile of Lymm AC.

Warren Martin winner of £30,00 and Fish ‘O’ Mania 2012 Champion

The stand was set-up on Friday night and an early start on Saturday morning ensured we where up and running for 9am when the gates opened to the public.

We had plenty of interest from the off and the members worked hard talking enthusiastically to prospective members, at close of play on the Saturday evening we had 10 new members and collected over 30 names interested in joining the club at a future date.

Sunday saw the Home International match and Junior Fish ‘O’ Mania take place on the Angling Times arena and England stormed through to take the trophy and a cheque for £10,000 after a hard fought battle.

England took the title with a team total of 101.96 kilos.

Meanwhile back at the Lymm AC stand the team worked hard talking to anglers about our waters and how they enjoyed being part of our club. The show attracts visitors from all over the country but our Google map formed the focus of discussions as well as some photo’s of our stunning fish.

60 waters and easy access from the M6 provided the main talking point on the day.

Club records and happy anglers ‘a photo speaks a thousand words’

By close of play on Sunday evening the club had recruited more than enough new members to cover the costs of attending the event but the true value of has yet to be realised as word spreads about the fastest growing club in the North West.

Whilst plans are well under way for Lymm AC to attend Cudmore 2013 it has without doubt become a annual fixture in the clubs calendar and will grow from strength to strength. A big thank you to all who helped out and freely gave up their time to work hard at making this event a huge success, for now we’ll leave you with a few memories from the weekend that saw Lymm AC well and truly arrive on a world wide angling stage.

If you’d like to join us and enjoy our waters and annual events click here to visit the clubs website.

Catch of the Month Competition July 2012

Welcome to Lymm Angling Clubs Catch of the Month Competition for July 2012

Entries for the second ‘catch of the month’ competition are all in and as we move into the August competition we have yet another list of specimen fish.

We have had tremendous entries including Wells, Carp, Barbel and Chub.

Well done to all who have entered and hopefully you have inspired other members to hit the banks and submit entries during the month of August.

It only leaves us to tell you that, after deliberation from our external verifiers at Nash Peg One & Fish Frenzy the winner of the July competition is Ian Futcher with this 9lb 8oz Barbel taken from the Daisybank stretch of the River Dane on the last weekend of July.

To top winning the first prize of £50 worth of Nash PegOne & Fish Frenzy bait Ian also collects a £20 tackle voucher from sponsors Baileys Bait & Tackle in Woolston Warrington.

To read more about Ian’s magnificent first Barbel session click here, well done Ian that’s a cracking first Barbel from the Dane!!

Ian Futcher with his prize winning 9lb 8oz Barbel from the River Dane

In no particular order the following members have submitted entries for the month of July;

Ian Futcher 42lb Catfish Lymmvale

Liam Roberts 6lb Barbel River Severn Atcham

Mike Quinn 12lb Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

Ian Futcher 9lb 8oz Barbel River Dane

Ashley Davidson 2lb Chub River Dane

Members can find out how to enter this months competition by clicking here, good luck and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it so get out there and start catching.

An eventful weekend on Chester Specimen Lake

Jamie Coad is a seasoned Lymm carp angler and has recently targeted our Chester Specimen Lake with a great result, here’s his story and pictures from a most memorable weekend.

I arrived at eight o’clock Friday morning and signed in at the reception having decided to have a breakfast in the cafe beforehand, not a good idea when wanting to stay mobile. I approached the car park to find quite a few cars in the car park and found someone was packing up from the car park swim. He said he had a 9lb common but I opted for the end peg which was free towards the stalking bank, most if not all the other pegs were taken.

I quickly erected my bivvy because it were lashing it down and, having got everything in place, decided to get the rods sorted for the day ahead.

I fished my first rod straight out into ten foot of water on the slope hoping they would pass along it, my second rod was placed in the margin and felt the lead down onto the spot which was probably the size of a dinner tray I then baited up with my new bait I’m field testing for Daluco Baits as I’ve all ready tried quite a few different types of baits on that venue with no success so far.

I was pestered by the ducks all day picking my bait up so I decided to rebait an get some bait into the swim for the night ahead putting about two kilo over my margin rod and about the same over the other rod.

I must of dosed of after my tea and a few chapters of Dave Lanes ‘Flick of the Tale’ and at 2:20am had a screaming Long Cast and Nash reciever in my ear complete with book still in hand!! After a fight of about 15 mins I lost it due a hook pull at the net and was gutted loosing your first fish out of a new lake.

I couldnt sleep due to my adrenaline going into overdrive so I went stalking about 4am. I eventually got back from stalking to see about ten decent carp nailing my bait I put in previously along with two small ones I estimated to be around five pound.

I chucked a few more free offerings in to spook them out the swim so I could get my rig in place with out completely freaking them out, at first the two small fish came back in the swim an I thought they were going take my hookbait an ruin all my chances of a bigger one but one of the big ones came in from the side pushed them off the spot an started troughing it down like a greedy pig. The next thing I know it s over my hookbait shaking its head realising it been hooked and bolted.

I stepped down from and hit into a strong fighting carp shortly after I slipped it over the spreader block weighing it in at 26lb15oz luckily a chap called Bob was on hand to take some photos, thanks Bob!!

James with a magnificent 26lb 15oz Chester Common.

I then decided go back to my swim for some much needed grub because I hadn’t eaten all day and I recast my rods putting more bait over my margin spot. Once again I dozed off but at 10:30pm the margin was away again on the new bait and a fantastic Leather Carp was my prize weighing in at a respectable 27lb 5oz, thanks to Barry this time for the photo.

James with the 26lb 5oz Leather Carp, a successful weekend by any standards!

Chester Specimen Lakes has produced some big suprises so far this season with the club record Chester’s Big Common falling to Lymm member Paul Hatton at 30lb 14oz.

Please note only members with 2 years standing and an endorsement free license qualify to fish Chester Specimen Lake however we do have a broad portfolio of waters that are accessible to all members, for more information please visit our website at