An eventful weekend on Chester Specimen Lake

Jamie Coad is a seasoned Lymm carp angler and has recently targeted our Chester Specimen Lake with a great result, here’s his story and pictures from a most memorable weekend.

I arrived at eight o’clock Friday morning and signed in at the reception having decided to have a breakfast in the cafe beforehand, not a good idea when wanting to stay mobile. I approached the car park to find quite a few cars in the car park and found someone was packing up from the car park swim. He said he had a 9lb common but I opted for the end peg which was free towards the stalking bank, most if not all the other pegs were taken.

I quickly erected my bivvy because it were lashing it down and, having got everything in place, decided to get the rods sorted for the day ahead.

I fished my first rod straight out into ten foot of water on the slope hoping they would pass along it, my second rod was placed in the margin and felt the lead down onto the spot which was probably the size of a dinner tray I then baited up with my new bait I’m field testing for Daluco Baits as I’ve all ready tried quite a few different types of baits on that venue with no success so far.

I was pestered by the ducks all day picking my bait up so I decided to rebait an get some bait into the swim for the night ahead putting about two kilo over my margin rod and about the same over the other rod.

I must of dosed of after my tea and a few chapters of Dave Lanes ‘Flick of the Tale’ and at 2:20am had a screaming Long Cast and Nash reciever in my ear complete with book still in hand!! After a fight of about 15 mins I lost it due a hook pull at the net and was gutted loosing your first fish out of a new lake.

I couldnt sleep due to my adrenaline going into overdrive so I went stalking about 4am. I eventually got back from stalking to see about ten decent carp nailing my bait I put in previously along with two small ones I estimated to be around five pound.

I chucked a few more free offerings in to spook them out the swim so I could get my rig in place with out completely freaking them out, at first the two small fish came back in the swim an I thought they were going take my hookbait an ruin all my chances of a bigger one but one of the big ones came in from the side pushed them off the spot an started troughing it down like a greedy pig. The next thing I know it s over my hookbait shaking its head realising it been hooked and bolted.

I stepped down from and hit into a strong fighting carp shortly after I slipped it over the spreader block weighing it in at 26lb15oz luckily a chap called Bob was on hand to take some photos, thanks Bob!!

James with a magnificent 26lb 15oz Chester Common.

I then decided go back to my swim for some much needed grub because I hadn’t eaten all day and I recast my rods putting more bait over my margin spot. Once again I dozed off but at 10:30pm the margin was away again on the new bait and a fantastic Leather Carp was my prize weighing in at a respectable 27lb 5oz, thanks to Barry this time for the photo.

James with the 26lb 5oz Leather Carp, a successful weekend by any standards!

Chester Specimen Lakes has produced some big suprises so far this season with the club record Chester’s Big Common falling to Lymm member Paul Hatton at 30lb 14oz.

Please note only members with 2 years standing and an endorsement free license qualify to fish Chester Specimen Lake however we do have a broad portfolio of waters that are accessible to all members, for more information please visit our website at

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