Calling All Volunteers…

Can you spare an hour or two to help with running your club?

We are looking for volunteers to help out with estates maintenance, fishery management, the expansion of the Junior section and the general day to day running and promotion of the club.

This call for volunteers will be emailed to all current members to ensure we give everyone the chance to contribute. If you’re willing to help register your details here.

In all cases there is no commitment expected by registering, it’s just simply a means of noting your interest.

We have provided a web form for members to register their interest in helping the club in whatever activities they undertake. This could simply be assisting the Estates team to carry out the daily maintenance of our waters, helping the Junior section with funding applications, taking part in nettings, writing articles for the clubs website and Blog or occasionally providing support to club officers when carrying out their daily duties.

With a growing membership of 1550+ we are certain that our collective skills could be put to good use to help maintain the daily running of the club which will ultimately benefit ALL members fishing our waters.

For example the daily maintenance tasks carried out by our estates team will benefit from members recording their contact details and availability in order for the Head of Estates to co-ordinate the required work and provide the man power to carry it out in a timely and professional manner.

Please note this is not intended to be a replacement for the annual work parties that allow members to earn an over stamp and although volunteers may well be rewarded if they become a regular on this type of work it is intended to allow anyone that wishes to do so the opportunity to put something back into the estate to the benefit of all members who fish our waters.

The Head of Estates will then consider the immediate workload and publish the specific activities and dates on the Club Calendar, it will then be a case of confirming your availability and turning up on the day. With other areas your details will be passed onto club officers who will contact you directly.

Thank you for your continued support, many hands will make light work and more importantly the work will get done in a prompt and professional manner as it always has done in the past.

Need to contact us? Click here for contact details or to send us a message.

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Ian’s at it again, this time a Lymmvale catfish graces the net!!

Ian Futcher is quickly becoming a regular on the Lymm Angling News Blog and his  current session is no exception having just reported it on the members forum we thought we’d Blog it straight away, here’s his latest adventure.

I am writing this from the banks of Lymmvale, covered in slime, sand and whatever else. After a recent result for the cats I decided to hit the Vale hard and fish as many nights as I could in between work. Many blanks have been the result and I was starting to question whether I was wasting my time in the quest for these mysterious creatures. I need not of worried, as darkness fell just before 11pm my alarm sounded as line slowly trickled off in true catfish style. I was on my rod in seconds and let the fish run for a few yards before closing the bale arm and setting the hook. The rod bent over and the fight was on…

The fish powerfully stripped line off my tight clutch testing the 40lb line to its limit, keen to steer the fish clear of the weed I kept the rod high and tried to gain line, the fish had other ideas and as I gained five yards, it took ten. Eventually it came to the net and the fella from the next peg who had heard the commotion swept the fish up in the net at the first attempt.

As you can probably tell from the photos I was pretty chuffed. It swung the scales round to 41lb 8oz, similar weight to my previous capture, could even be the same fish, not that I’m complaining!

The bait was a big chunk of spam, large pellet and lots of worms on a long hair to a size 1/0 catfish pro eagle wave, 40lb kevlar hooklength all freelined on 40lb mono. Happy days!!

Catch of the Month Competition August 2012

Welcome to Lymm Angling Clubs Catch of the Month Competition for August 2012

Entries for the August ‘Catch of the Month’ competition are all in and as we move into the September competition we have yet another list of specimen fish.

We have had tremendous entries including Tench, Crucian Carp, Dace, Catfish, Tench and some stunning carp.

Well done to all who have entered and hopefully you have inspired other members to hit the banks and submit entries during the month of September.

It only leaves us to tell you that, after deliberation from our external verifiers at Nash Peg One & Fish Frenzy the winner of the August competition is Simon Davis with this 29lb 12oz Mirror Carp taken from Chester Specimen Lake on the 28th August.

To top winning the first prize of £50 worth of Nash PegOne & Fish Frenzy bait Simon also collects a £20 tackle voucher from sponsors Baileys Bait & Tackle in Woolston Warrington.

Members can find out how to enter this months competition by clicking here, good luck and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it so get out there and start catching.

August winner Simon Davis 29lb 12oz Mirror Carp Chester Specimen Lake

In no particular order the following members submitted entries for the month of August;

Simon De Paolo 22lb 6oz Mirror Carp

Ian Futcher with a Lymmvale Tench

Tommy Coulson 2lb Crucian from New Pool

Dave Steen River Dane Dace

Ian Futcher Lymmvale 41lb 8oz Catfish

Mike Quinn Belmont Pool 28lb Mirror

Andy Atack Wrinehill 15lb 9oz Mirror

Oliver Gilman 44lb Catfish

Simon Davis 29lb 12oz Mirror Carp Chester Specimen Lake

Ian nets a specimen Barbel on his first attempt!

All-rounder Ian Futcher has had much success recently on Lymm AC still waters and canals but he wanted to try a barbel session on one of our river stretches and chose our popular Daisybank stretch on the River Dane. Ian takes up the story of a river session he’ll never forget.

Never having fished for Barbel before I chose Lymm AC’s stretch of the River Dane at Daisybank Farm as my target venue. Though small in size it is a lovely looking river, meandering through the countryside and packed with features. I chose a swim close to rafts of streamer weed and with a deep channel running through the middle, which just had to contain some barbel.

After making my way down the steep bank I set up my twelve foot feeder rod with a two ounce open end feeder which contained a mixture of small halibut pellets plugged either end with groundbait. Two foot of 10lb braid tied to a size ten hook, baited with a 14mm pellet completed the set up. After only twenty minutes my bait was picked up by a barbel which ran straight towards a snag in the under cut bank and broke free.

Gutted by the loss I repositioned my bait and waited, thinking my chance of a first barbel had gone. Then suddenly the rod sprung into life and I frantically grabbed it before it was dragged in, the fish was already heading downstream and I had to battle to gain line. After a few minutes I brought the barbel towards the waiting net, at which point it made a series of powerful runs to evade capture. Finally after an incredible battle I had the fish in the net.

After letting the fish recover in the net it was hoisted onto the unhooking mat, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was huge and in mint condition, i would have been happy with any barbel never mind a specimen like this. Venue regular Graeme Roberts was on hand to help with weighing and photographing the fish and after watching the scales swing around to 9lb 8oz confirmed that this was a specimen Barbel by River Dane standards.

Once we’d fully rested the fish we both watched it swim off strongly downstream and I packed up with a huge grin on my face vowing to return to fish this fantastic river once again.

Ian Futcher with his first Barbel from the River Dane a specimen at 9lb 8oz

A very productive month for Ian has seen him land a 42lb Catfish and 16 Tench in the same session at Lymmvale but this magnificent specimen barbel has earned Ian the top prize in July’s Catch of the Month, well done Ian great angling.

With eighteen different stretches of the most magnificent rivers to tackle you’ll be kept busy exploring them throughout the season. From the might of the River Severn in flood to the gently flowing Peover Eye our rivers present their own challenge to each angler who takes them on. For those who just want to focus on the River Severn and Canals there is a discounted membership of £35 with no joining fee

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