Ian nets a specimen Barbel on his first attempt!

All-rounder Ian Futcher has had much success recently on Lymm AC still waters and canals but he wanted to try a barbel session on one of our river stretches and chose our popular Daisybank stretch on the River Dane. Ian takes up the story of a river session he’ll never forget.

Never having fished for Barbel before I chose Lymm AC’s stretch of the River Dane at Daisybank Farm as my target venue. Though small in size it is a lovely looking river, meandering through the countryside and packed with features. I chose a swim close to rafts of streamer weed and with a deep channel running through the middle, which just had to contain some barbel.

After making my way down the steep bank I set up my twelve foot feeder rod with a two ounce open end feeder which contained a mixture of small halibut pellets plugged either end with groundbait. Two foot of 10lb braid tied to a size ten hook, baited with a 14mm pellet completed the set up. After only twenty minutes my bait was picked up by a barbel which ran straight towards a snag in the under cut bank and broke free.

Gutted by the loss I repositioned my bait and waited, thinking my chance of a first barbel had gone. Then suddenly the rod sprung into life and I frantically grabbed it before it was dragged in, the fish was already heading downstream and I had to battle to gain line. After a few minutes I brought the barbel towards the waiting net, at which point it made a series of powerful runs to evade capture. Finally after an incredible battle I had the fish in the net.

After letting the fish recover in the net it was hoisted onto the unhooking mat, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was huge and in mint condition, i would have been happy with any barbel never mind a specimen like this. Venue regular Graeme Roberts was on hand to help with weighing and photographing the fish and after watching the scales swing around to 9lb 8oz confirmed that this was a specimen Barbel by River Dane standards.

Once we’d fully rested the fish we both watched it swim off strongly downstream and I packed up with a huge grin on my face vowing to return to fish this fantastic river once again.

Ian Futcher with his first Barbel from the River Dane a specimen at 9lb 8oz

A very productive month for Ian has seen him land a 42lb Catfish and 16 Tench in the same session at Lymmvale but this magnificent specimen barbel has earned Ian the top prize in July’s Catch of the Month, well done Ian great angling.

With eighteen different stretches of the most magnificent rivers to tackle you’ll be kept busy exploring them throughout the season. From the might of the River Severn in flood to the gently flowing Peover Eye our rivers present their own challenge to each angler who takes them on. For those who just want to focus on the River Severn and Canals there is a discounted membership of £35 with no joining fee

For more information and to join Lymm AC click here, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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