Ian’s at it again, this time a Lymmvale catfish graces the net!!

Ian Futcher is quickly becoming a regular on the Lymm Angling News Blog and his  current session is no exception having just reported it on the members forum we thought we’d Blog it straight away, here’s his latest adventure.

I am writing this from the banks of Lymmvale, covered in slime, sand and whatever else. After a recent result for the cats I decided to hit the Vale hard and fish as many nights as I could in between work. Many blanks have been the result and I was starting to question whether I was wasting my time in the quest for these mysterious creatures. I need not of worried, as darkness fell just before 11pm my alarm sounded as line slowly trickled off in true catfish style. I was on my rod in seconds and let the fish run for a few yards before closing the bale arm and setting the hook. The rod bent over and the fight was on…

The fish powerfully stripped line off my tight clutch testing the 40lb line to its limit, keen to steer the fish clear of the weed I kept the rod high and tried to gain line, the fish had other ideas and as I gained five yards, it took ten. Eventually it came to the net and the fella from the next peg who had heard the commotion swept the fish up in the net at the first attempt.

As you can probably tell from the photos I was pretty chuffed. It swung the scales round to 41lb 8oz, similar weight to my previous capture, could even be the same fish, not that I’m complaining!

The bait was a big chunk of spam, large pellet and lots of worms on a long hair to a size 1/0 catfish pro eagle wave, 40lb kevlar hooklength all freelined on 40lb mono. Happy days!!

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