Calling All Volunteers…

Can you spare an hour or two to help with running your club?

We are looking for volunteers to help out with estates maintenance, fishery management, the expansion of the Junior section and the general day to day running and promotion of the club.

This call for volunteers will be emailed to all current members to ensure we give everyone the chance to contribute. If you’re willing to help register your details here.

In all cases there is no commitment expected by registering, it’s just simply a means of noting your interest.

We have provided a web form for members to register their interest in helping the club in whatever activities they undertake. This could simply be assisting the Estates team to carry out the daily maintenance of our waters, helping the Junior section with funding applications, taking part in nettings, writing articles for the clubs website and Blog or occasionally providing support to club officers when carrying out their daily duties.

With a growing membership of 1550+ we are certain that our collective skills could be put to good use to help maintain the daily running of the club which will ultimately benefit ALL members fishing our waters.

For example the daily maintenance tasks carried out by our estates team will benefit from members recording their contact details and availability in order for the Head of Estates to co-ordinate the required work and provide the man power to carry it out in a timely and professional manner.

Please note this is not intended to be a replacement for the annual work parties that allow members to earn an over stamp and although volunteers may well be rewarded if they become a regular on this type of work it is intended to allow anyone that wishes to do so the opportunity to put something back into the estate to the benefit of all members who fish our waters.

The Head of Estates will then consider the immediate workload and publish the specific activities and dates on the Club Calendar, it will then be a case of confirming your availability and turning up on the day. With other areas your details will be passed onto club officers who will contact you directly.

Thank you for your continued support, many hands will make light work and more importantly the work will get done in a prompt and professional manner as it always has done in the past.

Need to contact us? Click here for contact details or to send us a message.

Visit our website

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