History of Founders Pool by Jason Webb

Founders Pool is a small tree lined pool with an island feature near the middle. The pool is located in the grounds of Antrobus Golf Course and is a popular venue with Carp anglers due to the numerous large Carp that reside there. Catfish are also present and were originally stocked in 1991 along with another small stocking in 97-98.

Some of the original Catfish now weigh in the region of 30lb’s and they have thrived in recent years with many small kittens now being caught. The venue also has a lot to offer the pleasure angler with a good head of silver fish and Perch, The pool was once renowned for being a specimen Roach venue with consistent catches of 2lb plus specimen’s, however these don’t seem to be targeted so much in recent times but are still believed to be present. Perch to over 2 lb also reside in the pool so it has something to offer everyone.

Founder’s pool was not always like this, if we look back through the archives the oldest map we can find is dated 1846 and is supplied by Cheshire county council. The land approaching Founders was known as Cobbler’s Gorse and was owned by Sir Edward Antrobus.

Where Founders is today was predominantly thick woodland although a small pool in the far right out of bounds corner existed. This small pool was about a 1/6th of the size it is
today and two slightly larger pools existed to the right of the Car Park. The two surrounding fields were known as Lower Black field and Pit field and were used for growing Oats and Pasture land for animals to graze on.

The map dated 1846 as supplied by Cheshire Council shows a smaller original pool
with two larger pool’s to the right of where the car park is now situated.

This is backed up by a map dated 1911.

An aerial view taken of the area in the 1970’s shows some of the woodland had been cut down to make more farm land, but Founder’s is still smaller than its neighbour.

It was around 1982 when Founders was dug out and it remained a bit of a muddy pool for a few years after that, In those days you could fish from all four sides as there was no out of bounds area and a few carp up to 6lb’s were being caught. The Golf club was not created until 1992 which was when the one side was closed to fishing.

It reopened briefly in about 1994 but has remained out of bounds for several years now. The following picture was taken by Lymm AC member Carpsid and shows Founders Pool in August 1988. It is looking towards the mound from the bank opposite the car park. It used to be one of the best pegs in those days but now it is where the over hanging trees are and where most people cast to.

Taken from the out of bounds side looking towards the car park – 1988

In the 27 years or so this pool has been in existence as we know it; it has developed into a prolific water with some stunning inhabitants. Heather the Leather being on of its more famous residents topping 20lb+. With the help of the members and the club hopefully the pool with continue to develop and provide future generations of anglers with a fantastic place to fish.

Written by Jason Webb (Mancman) on 15/09/2009 with the help of Cheshire council & old-maps.co.uk. Special thanks to Carpsid.

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