Simon scoops a new PB and the August Catch of the Month top prize.

Simon takes up the story of how he caught one of Chester Specimen Lakes elusive upper twenties as well as taking the Nash PegOne sponsored Catch of the Month for August.

Simon’s first twenty and almost his first thirty at 29lb 12oz!!

I went fishing on 28th August 2012 to Chester Lakes Specimen Water. It was my sixth visit to the water this year, all previous visits being blanks. I arrived at the car park at about 7:15am and was surprised to find it empty although the weather on Bank Holiday Monday had been poor to say the least.

Conditions on arrival were calm on the surface of the lake and I did the rounds of all the pegs deciding eventually to fish the end peg on the bank parallel with the motorway opposite. This peg was chosen solely because there was a considerable amount of bubbling from an area about 50 yards from the bank. From previous work with the fish finder I knew the depth to be about 10ft with a relatively clear bottom. I catapulted some bait over the area and needless to say the bubbling ceased. I decided to fish both rods tight on the bait and was rewarded with a run at about 10.15am.

Fortunately the fish went straight out into the lake and by keeping the rod low brought the fish back to my swim without the fish kiting which would have proved a real problem due to adjacent trees. I was aware fairly soon in the fight that the fish was a substantial weight and it confirmed that by tearing straight back out into the lake in the direction of its first long run. I tightened the clutch slightly and repeated the process with the rod low to the water and to my surprise the fish came back on the same line and was soon wallowing beneath the rod tip where it was quickly netted, the whole process taking about 10 minutes.

The fish  was weighed at 29lb 12oz and was a mirror. I phoned Dave Artell who came down and took photos and my fishing buddies and fellow members Richard and Michael Beckett also arrived and also took some photos. It can probably be deduced from the photos attached that the fish was a real lump, not long but very thick in the body. I only fish day sessions and this is my first twenty so to say I am delighted is an understatement.

What a lump!! 29lb 12oz of Mirror Carp from Chester Specimen Lake

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