Clint has a great session Serpentine Pool with Pepperami and Pallatrax paste

Early September can be a little unpredictable but the late summer weather saw Lymm member Clint Walker enjoy a great session on the banks of Serpentine (Beech) Pool.

I noticed that other anglers were struggling on this often boilie dominated water, so thought I’d ring the changes by fishing pepperami wrapped in paste to give the fish something different to consider; presented on a size 8 hook with a Pallatrax Stonze weight (lead clip rig) to anchor my baits tight to the island and far bank margin. I’d already lost one fish on Pallatrax Jungle pop up before I’d had time to set my rod pod up (rods in first before bivvy!) but then it went very quiet despite being able to see fish patrolling the far margin. The change of bait worked and I even had a double take which resulted in the two bigger fish being landed within a minute or so of each other!

Clint Walker enjoys a pleasant day session with this 23lbs 7ozs Mirror Carp on Serpentine Pool

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