River regular Grazy get’s his first double figure barbel…

After coming close with a few decent ‘nines’ river enthusiast Graeme Roberts decided earlier this week on a last minute visit to the upper Severn at Llandrinio to chase his seasons target of a double figure barbel.

I arrived at Llandrinio last night at 9pm, more by chance than anything as I’d originally planned a night on Micklewrights with my son but that was called off after a blank session on the Dane in the afternoon and Adam decided he’d rather go home 😦

Daisybank resulted in a blank…the swans are growing up nicely though!!

I headed for the swim Ash had emptied a few weeks earlier, it was pitch black due to the low cloud and fine mist and as I approached the edge of the river there was Shamous (Shaun) doing a late one!! First time we’d met but what a top bloke, we agreed I could pitch up about 10 yards upstream as he didn’t plan to stay that long and we had a good old natter over a brew or two.

At 1am Shaun called it a day after a few runs in what we knew was a very snaggy swim, the river had dropped to 2 metres and you could clearly see one snag protruding out of the water.

Misty mountains at Llandrinio.

Both rods showed no interest during the next day. Evening arrived and it went pitch black again around 6:30pm so having had no luck on pellet or a bunch of maggots I dug out the trusty meat and started cutting it into cubes about an inch square. I then trimmed the corners off (something I always do) just to make it a bit more unusual in shape and used the trimmings to fill a few PVA mesh bags.

Meaty treats for Mr Barbel…

I put heavier leads on to stop the rig drifting out of position as its very deep here and the slightest flow dislodges anything less than 3oz. I cast out leaving the other rod on pellet just to see how the meat fared.

Around 8:30ish the meat rod was off and I was into my first barbel of the session, it stayed deep plodding around on the bottom but eventually came to the net and weighed a respectable 8lb 4oz.

First one of the session 8lb 4oz

I re-baited and cast the meat rod to the same spot and lifted the pellet rod to reel in, I felt a sharp resistance and thought I’d hit the invisible snag that Shaun had pointed out the night before but thump thump on the rod tip told me I was in again, surely not a barbel but yes it was this time came up quickly and was splashing around the surface by the snag. Duly photographed and weighed it tipped the Avons around to 8lb 9oz so again I was really pleased.

Second one on the bank 8lb 9oz

I recast the rod to the same spot behind the bush on the far bank. At about 12:30am. I was getting the odd single bleep from debris clipping the line when all hell let loose!!

I lifted the downstream rod and I was in 🙂 it headed straight into the invisible snag so I grabbed the net and started walking towards it reeling in as I went, once there I had the rod tip touching the water so it must have been no more than 10 foot beneath me.

The lower bank was slippy after the drop in levels (photo taken next day)

There then followed a 15 minute stand off whereby I tried every angle known to man to dislodge the snagged fish and I knew it was still on because you get that horrible grating sensation as the line grinds against the snag.

Eventually after slackening everything off and residing myself to certain loss I pulled one more time and gained about a yard of line, thump thump again and the fish was still on!!

It disappeared off downstream at a rapid rate of knots but I managed to turn it and eventually drifted it over the net. My head torch shone down on a very decent barbel but I went to take my glasses off realising they always look bigger with my gigs on and was a bit shocked to find I wasn’t wearing them!!

The view downstream where old Bertie headed for (photo taken the next day)

I let the fish rest for a good 5 minutes till it could support itself in the flow and walked back to my bivvy with a big grin on my face, not that I thought it was a big fish although it was certainly a ‘nine’ but more because the battle was won with that snag that had caused so much grief.

I casually put the fish on the scales just to confirm my guesstimate and couldn’t believe my eyes (now with the glasses on) it went all the way around and past the elusive 10lb mark settling at 10lb 5oz, my first double figure barbel and boy was I pleased.

Grazy’s first double 10lb 5oz……..well pleased!!!

One on the mat, a real thickset lump…

A few hurried self takes later I returned old Bertie to the margins and let him rest again, the net was open in the flow and he just sat there flexing his gills almost sharing the moment with me until eventually he swam out and even then just hovering in my torch light before a flick of his tail as he dropped out of sight.

I waited a good hour or so before recasting both rods. The amazing night session was finished off nicely when at 5:45am another take on the meat revealed a cheeky barbel on the munch at around 4lb and exactly an hour later a greedy chub of around 3lb fell once again for the meat. They were both unhooked in the net at the waters edge and returned straight away.

This place really does hold a good stamp of barbel albeit few and far between but as I’ve said there are bigger and I’ve now got my sights on a club record or two 😉

Lymm Anglers latest catch reports…

Belmont Pool

20th September Jason McBreen – Last night I fished Belmont Pool but wasn’t expecting much as it was raining all night from around 4pm, it was quiet and nothing was happening.  At around 10:30pm I had a take and after a few seconds the hook pulled I was left completely soaked through and very cold and feeling very sorry for myself!!

At about 2:30am I had another take it was a welcome fish of 19lb. I was considering leaving the rod out and fishing one rod but decided to stop being lazy so I cast it out again.  I’m very glad I did as around 5:30am I had a screaming take, I could tell it was a better fish and after a 15-20 minute fight it was in the net, the scales went around to 31lb 14oz and the Mirror beat my personal best by over 7 pounds.

I had one more about 7am a good looking scaley mirror about 16lb and despite the rain and damp cold conditions it was worth it!! Jay Mc.

Jason McBreen 19lb Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

Jason McBreen 31lb 14oz Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

Avery pleased Jason holds up his new PB, well done Jay!!

Another Belmont regular Steven Lewis had a 25lb Mirror Carp on half a Cell Halo pop up and a pineapple boilie using the popular semi-fixed KD rig.

Steven Lewis 25lb Mirror Carp Belmont Pool5

20th September Charlie Duggan – Charlie beat his PB twice in one 24 hour session last Friday with a 18lb Mirror Carp on Friday evening and a 21lb 8oz Mirror carp in the morning, both fell to a Cell boilie.

Charlie Duggan 18lb Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

Charlie Duggan 21lb 8oz Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

15th September Andrew Kelly – I had a great week this week on 3 days in a row. I beat my River Carp PB with a 11lb common, the next day I had a my first double Barbel from same river and then to top it off I beat my Carp PB, which was previously 22lb, with this beauty from Belmont Pool at 26lb 14oz.

I would like to thank the guy who witnessed with his scales and took the pic.

Has anyone else had her out and at what weight? Thanks Andy.

Andy Kelly 26lb 14oz Mirror Carp Belmont Pool,,,,is it Bretts fish?

27th August Michael Haywood – Along with his dad banked this 27lb 12oz beauty along with a new PB.

Michael Haywood 29lb 12oz Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

18th July Mike Quinn – Back today after a 24 hours on Belmont Pool. Fished the Oak Peg and had 14 fish in total, biggest going 22lb 3oz including 21lb 6oz, 19lb 2oz, 18lb 8oz and 18lb 4oz, the rest averaged between 12lb and 16lb……….super,smashing,great!!!

Mike Quinn 21lb 6oz Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

Mike Quinn 22lb 3oz Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

Mike Quinn with a stunning scrapper Mirror Carp Belmont Pool

Shakerley Mere

10th September Mike Quinn – After losing a nice common at the net the previous session I did my first 48 hour session on Shakes and was rewarded with a 22-8 mirror, also had a bream of around 6lb.. Great to break my duck on another water. Wonder what this week has in store?

Mike Quinn 22lb 8oz Mirror Carp Shakerley Mere

Tabley Moat

James Leach

20th September James Leach – Well had a quick over nighter on Tabley Moat before work.. Session started at 8pm and at 12pm the rod took off and I was revisited by Bloated, this time well down in weight but still a stunner…

Fish fell to Redeye Baits Salmon Blanc a bait Mike had produced for field testing (cheers Mike ha ha ha)..

James Leach The Bloated Linear 28lb 8oz Tabley Moat

Just as stunning from the otherside…

James first caught his special lady at 36lb back in June…


26th August Mike Turton – I was at wrinehill again this weekend only the one carp this time but a pristine 19lb 8oz Mirror Carp, I also had two very nice Tench at 5lb 2oz and 6lb 4oz (male).

Mike Turton 19lb 8oz Mirror Carp Wrinehill

River Severn – Atcham

15th September Tony Williams – After the recent Barbel Fish-In I decided to return to Atcham last night and had a great session. A total of seven barbel and one chub, between me and my mate, I managed two barbel and the chub. The chub was a cracker at dead on 5lb. The barbel were all around 5lb, the biggest falling to me at 5lb 10oz.

Also I lost, wait for it, a total of six fish and my mate lost two fish. One of mine was a stonker, I was playing with it for half an hour, until it snagged it self and the hook link snapped……..the air was blue! So a PB barbel and PB chub, not bad!. The fish fell to 12mm halibut with home made paste and 10mm cheese, hemp dumbell, again with some home made paste. Another trip planned Tuesday. All the best Tony.

17th July Stephen Roffey – Bit of a struggle to find fishable pegs yesterday with the river rising again, managed one bite on Krill boilie glugged in Monster Crab, resulting in this fish of 7lb 8oz, surprisingly thin fish.

Stephen Roffey 7lb 8oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

15th July Gary Eden – Managed to get down there myself on Friday and had the river to myself. First Severn trip of the season coming after an unproductive start on the Ribble at Tickled Trout, with nothing more than a few eels and a roach to show for my early efforts.

Unsure exaclty what the conditions would be like when I arrived I decided to take leave the kitchen sink behind and take the roaming approach by starting off in the Poacher’s stretch. River looked up by a couple of feet and had a bit of colour. Headed off to the last swim and found this under 3′ of water so moved upstream to a swim that had a lovely crease 1/3 the way across the river. Couple of casts with a lead revealed a deepish run with a hard bottom and full with streamer weed. Weather was overcast and warmish so I was pretty confident the fish would be there and feeding.

A 3oz cage feeder was just enough to hold bottom. Hooklength was 30″ of 15lb gravel braid with a little rig putty to hold it down, completed with a size 10, S3  Korum hook.

First cast and I was in with an absolute beauty at just under 9lb. You can never tire of catching barbel at any time of year but with this being the first of season it made it that little bit more special. Continued to catch steadily throughout the afternoon so stayed in the same swim and stuck to just a single rod. The bites were all good 2′ rod top twitches and each fish was joy to land in the heavy current. River level was dropping by an inch each hour.

Unfortunately the heavens opened up around 7pm and it remained that way until I packed up four hours later. The heavy rain made conditions treacherouse and turned the peg into a mud slide forcing me to fish from the top of the bank for the last few hours, not ideal when you have trees on either side. After losing a few fish due to these cicumstances I decided it was time to be sensible and safe and reluctantly stopped fishing. Never an easy decision to come away from a swim of feeding barbel but I was more than happy with the day.

Finished with a total of 13 barbel between 9lb and 6lb and, weather aside, I simply couldn’t have enjoyed it any more; Its a real pleasure to fish at Atcham. All fish caught on 12mm and 14mm halibut pellets.

Good luck to all on the fish in next week. Hopefully conditions will remain favourable and you’ll have a great day. and looking at the weather this morning I had chosen the right day to go!! Gaz.

Cliff Taylor

13th July Cliff Taylor – Back out for an evening session at Atcham last night. Conditions were foul with the light rain on arrival turning to heavy rain that lasted for three hours. In addition, there was lots of debris coming down the river and fouling the line, including weed, nettles, reeds and twigs.

It was like fishing in Autumn when the river is full of leaves, only worse as the weed stuck to the line along it’s length, getting caught in the top eye on retrieval.

Owing to the poor conditions underfoot, I started off on “Duffers” and had a 3lb barbel second chuck. But with the rain now falling hard even that peg was becoming dangerous both for me and any fish I would catch so a move to the next peg upstream, which was wider and flatter, was in order. Even on this peg the mud was thick and treacherous. I could barely stand up without sliding.

Two barbel came my way on the new peg. The first at around 6lb and the second a clonking fish of 9lb on the nose.

Any barbel of 9lb is worth taking a photo of isn’t it? So with the fish in the net and the net secured in the water I set about getting my self-take gear ready. This was very fiddly and cumbersome in the wet and in the rapidly fading light without a head-torch which I had left in the car.

Okay, all ready now. Switch on the camera and away we go. Some swear words echoed around Atcham at this point as the camera would not switch on because someone had forgotten to recharge the battery!

And so, my friends, a perfect picture of me holding a fin-perfect specimen barbel you will not be getting. All I could do was to use my phone (which fortunately has a flash) to take this picture of the fish in the weigh sling. It doesn’t do the fish justice – mat photos never do – but those who have seen the size of my 32″ landing net will appreciate just how big this fish is. Until next time…

Cliff Taylor 9lb Barbel River Severn Atcham

5th July Dave Steen – Well lads I had another red letter day on Atcham yesterday. I arrived at 8:00am after a hearty breakfast at the café. I decided to park on the road just outside the gate as a lot of rain was forecast, (makes a change then!!) and I didn’t want the van to get stuck in the mud on the car park.

I made my way down to the bank; there was nobody else fishing which surprised me a bit.  I jumped on Duffers Peg; the river was up about a foot and a nice colour.  I set my rods up with 5oz feeders (which were holding bottom) all with halibut pellet on the hair and halibut pellets in the feeder.  No sooner had I cast them out than I was into a fish.  The first barbel of the day was 4lb 2oz on the scales.  I had just got that fish back when the other rod screamed off with a vengeance!  It felt like a decent fish and was a lively fella.  It weighed in at 5lb 6oz and had been an unbelievable fight in such a flow!  I had three more takes in quick succession and lost every one unfortunately.  They were off like a bat out of hell and it really was manic.  I think the pre-soaked pellets made a difference yesterday.  I’ve found out by trial and error that I can sometimes make the pellets a bit too soft with pre-soaking and these types are better in the feeder.  I just “dipped” the ones on the hair rig in halibut oil and this seemed to be the difference for me yesterday.  The hook links were about 2’ to 3’ and I caught on these more than the shorter hook links I’ve used.

I had an absolutely crazy day – as Cliff said the other day it was manic. The river came up about 2’ while I was there, and in the later afternoon there was more debris coming down.  Be aware anyone it is very slippy underfoot.  I took an extra bank stick and put it in front of me so I had something to grab hold of if I slipped.

I didn’t take any photos because to be honest with you I was enjoying it so much and making the most of the day’s fishing.  I lost 7 altogether with hook pulls and snags.

In total I had 15 Berties on the bank, ranging in size from the 4lb 2oz first fish of the day up to 8lb 2oz which is my best for this season up to now.  I also managed a solitary chub of 3lb 8oz; it looked like an old warrior, had some scales missing and looked totally knackered – much like me at the end of the session; my arms ached like nothing on earth and I was shattered.

I had a fantastic day. Even though I was under my umbrella I managed to get sunburnt, and eaten by midges as I forgot my Avon lol – but it was worth it for such a cracking day.

Catch of the Month Competition October 2012

Welcome to Lymm Angling Clubs Catch of the Month Competition October 2012

Entries for the October ‘Catch of the Month’ competition are all in and as we move into the November competition we have yet another list of specimen fish.

We have had three quality entries including Pike, a match winning mixed bag and a Barbel.

Well done to all who have entered and hopefully you have inspired other members to hit the banks and submit entries during the month of November.

It only leaves us to tell you that, after deliberation from our external verifiers at Nash Peg One & Fish Frenzy the winner of the October competition is Jack Ross with this mixed bag of course fish weighing a grand total of 10lb 14oz and comprising of a 3lb 5oz Grass Carp and 7lb 9oz of Roach with one Crucian for good measure.

To top winning the first prize of £50 worth of Nash PegOne & Fish Frenzy bait Jack also collects a £20 tackle voucher from sponsors Baileys Bait & Tackle in Woolston Warrington.

Members can find out how to enter this months competition by clicking here, good luck and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it so get out there and start catching.

Octobers winner Jack Ross with his fantastic match haul totalling 10lb 14oz

In no particular order the following members submitted entries for the month of October;

Ian Futcher Micklewrights Pike

Proud dad Phil Ross would like to enter his son Jack in for this month who competed in the Junior match at Woodside Pool last Sunday. Jack stuck to his task well and finished with 10lb 14 oz. a 3lb 5oz grass carp and 7lb 9oz of roach with one crucian for good measure. What started out with a very cold foggy start turned out to be a very good day indeed. He won the match on the day and put him self in contention for the win overall this coming Sunday – well done Jack top angling!!




Graeme Roberts 10lb 5oz Barbel Upper Severn

Lymm Admin.