Catch of the Month Competition October 2012

Welcome to Lymm Angling Clubs Catch of the Month Competition October 2012

Entries for the October ‘Catch of the Month’ competition are all in and as we move into the November competition we have yet another list of specimen fish.

We have had three quality entries including Pike, a match winning mixed bag and a Barbel.

Well done to all who have entered and hopefully you have inspired other members to hit the banks and submit entries during the month of November.

It only leaves us to tell you that, after deliberation from our external verifiers at Nash Peg One & Fish Frenzy the winner of the October competition is Jack Ross with this mixed bag of course fish weighing a grand total of 10lb 14oz and comprising of a 3lb 5oz Grass Carp and 7lb 9oz of Roach with one Crucian for good measure.

To top winning the first prize of £50 worth of Nash PegOne & Fish Frenzy bait Jack also collects a £20 tackle voucher from sponsors Baileys Bait & Tackle in Woolston Warrington.

Members can find out how to enter this months competition by clicking here, good luck and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it so get out there and start catching.

Octobers winner Jack Ross with his fantastic match haul totalling 10lb 14oz

In no particular order the following members submitted entries for the month of October;

Ian Futcher Micklewrights Pike

Proud dad Phil Ross would like to enter his son Jack in for this month who competed in the Junior match at Woodside Pool last Sunday. Jack stuck to his task well and finished with 10lb 14 oz. a 3lb 5oz grass carp and 7lb 9oz of roach with one crucian for good measure. What started out with a very cold foggy start turned out to be a very good day indeed. He won the match on the day and put him self in contention for the win overall this coming Sunday – well done Jack top angling!!




Graeme Roberts 10lb 5oz Barbel Upper Severn

Lymm Admin.

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