Heavy rain causes more temporary water closures

After a visit to some of the waters in the Antrobus areas today, it has been decided to close the following waters temporarily. This will be reviewed on a daily basis and relayed to the members via this website, The Club forum and The Club Facebook page.

Farm Pool

This popular small pool on Foggs Lane now only has the raised pegs above water, for safety reasons, please do not use this pool until declared safe to do so.

Founders Pool


Just along from Farm pool is the prolific Carp and Catfish water on Antrobus Golf course. This has all pegs underwater and the island in the middle has disappeared! Just the bushes/trees on the island are visible. Following a bailiff check today, it was decided to close this water, again temporarily, for safety reasons.
A number of fishing items were retrieved from the water by Kev Haworth and Greg Winstanley, however Kev was treated to filling his Wellies and soaking his Pants whilst retrieving a Korda marker float!
Please be careful of what you leave on the banks of any Lymm water, but especially one that we have shared access too. As members of Lymm, what you leave reflects not just on you, but The Club and Angling as a whole. The Club takes litter and discarded tackle VERY seriously.

This now brings the total of closed waters to three, with Micklewrights Flash near Crewe remaining closed.

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