Water Closure Notices

This post will be updated frequently to keep members informed on waters affected by the weather and any spawning activity. The Head Water Keep John Stubbs will (along with their teams) provide the information about activity on each water.

Only the waters listed below are affected at present so it’s reasonably safe to assume all other waters are open but you should always consult the specific waters notice board before starting fishing.

There are active posts on the subject on the forum at the moment but if you do have any information about spawning activity on our waters that would be useful for other members to know then send an email to admin@lymmanglersclub.com or use the Contact Us form on the main website.

31st December 2012 – Serpentine Pool is closed due to the wet weather however the good news is Founders is now re-opened but please take care when fishing as the banks will still be difficult under foot.

29th December 2012 – Belmont Pool pegs 3 & 4 are closed to damage by the wet weather and cattle making them very muddy and hazardous.

31st May 2012 – Please note Holfords Pinetops Pool is closed until further notice, more details can be found on the members forum, thank you.

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