First Session of the year on The Severn at Atcham, Dave Steen

Dave Steen is well known to members of Lymm AC forums with his wonderfully atmospheric accounts and photos of his sessions. Dave has kindly allowed us to publish his wonderful account of his first foray this year with Club Vice Chairman Phil Hatton..

So with Floppy Hats at the ready, do the dynamic duo set new records or blank? Read on!

5th January 2013

River Severn – Atcham

I welcomed in my new fishing year with a trip to the River Severn at Atcham with one of my fishing buddies, Mr Floppy Hat himself Phil Hatton.  We made an early start, stopping off for a Big Breakfast at the Raven cafe…a trip to Atcham has to include a full English at the Raven!  On arrival we were surprised to find nobody else around – or were they the sensible ones???  We crossed the little bridge and could see this was where the water had reached when it had been in flood.  It had now receded quite significantly but was still well over the river banks and covering the pegs.  After yomping across muddy fields carrying our gear we aimed to fish where the cottage stands, but unfortunately all pegs were inaccessible due to the floods.


We battled bravely back and realised the only two available pegs were Duffers (with a clear bank although still flooded) and its neighbour peg where anglers sometimes erect a bivvy (sacrilege!!)

We both got our gear set up and then sat back to draw breath after the yomp, and have a much needed cuppa.  The weather was lovely and clear; a cloudless sky with not a drop of rain in sight although still plenty of it making it soggy underfoot.  The temperature was mild, ideal for river fishing in January, so we both felt fairly optimistic.  Phil had fished in higher water levels than this and had caught, so we had everything crossed for a few takes.


I put out two rods, one with lamprey boilies which I had wrapped in paste, and the other one with a nice juicy lob worm with chopped worm in a feeder, hoping that if no barbel or chub were playing then I may have the chance of a dace at least.

Time wore on and despite a few little taps on the lob worm I had no luck.  I changed the bait on the othe rod to paste only – a deliciously aromatic home made Archie Braddock paste!  Phil and I had a natter and a further brew, and it turned out he had had no significant action either.  The only action going on while we sat having our cuppa was on the opposite bank where two blokes and a young lad were duck shooting.  They managed to bag  a couple while we were watching and another one floated past us having fallen into the river, so nobody was having that one for tea!


As always happens with me when I am enjoying my river fishing, I totally relax and eventually drop off to sleep in my chair.  I suddenly woke up not knowing what day it was as the worm rod was on the move!  Leapt up from my chair only to miss the take altogether..sod’s law!

There were no more bites for either of us so we decided to call it a day late afternoon and head for home.  It was such a pleasure to be able to get back on the Severn after not being able to fish because of the high flooding.  It wouldn’t do to get a bite all the time (I tell myself over and over lol) it just makes it more enjoyable and challenging for the next trip!  A quick thanks must go to Phil for his company, as always very enjoyable.

The Rookery


The Severn at Dusk


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