Release of the fishing rights to Milton Brook

In what is a very unusual reversal I have to inform you that the club will be giving up the fishing rights to Milton Brook on 31st January 2013. I say an unusual reversal because normally we would be adding to the clubs portfolio .

This has been a difficult decision for us to reach because we know how popular it has been with members. We have soldiered on until we went some way to replacing the venue. We now feel that we have done this by taking further pools on Chester Lakes with Doddleston Lake providing similar stocks to Milton Brook. This will provide an alternative to members living within the Chester and District area. In the South of our catchment we have acquired fishing rights to Fields Farm which again provides several pools containing Carp. We are also presently looking to add to our long list of still waters.

It is always a pity when waters have to be given up but I am sure you will all understand that every water does untimately  have to provide a comfortable safe environment in which to enjoy a days fishing and Milton Brook was no longer doing that.

I am sure those of you you understand the finer issues of this great sport will know that this reluctant decision has been made for the right reasons.

Neil Boaz

Fisheries Manager

3 thoughts on “Release of the fishing rights to Milton Brook

  1. Hi just read that lymm had given up Milbrook fishery by Chester I was planning to join with my dad whose (76) and can only go if I take him . I’m an experienced coarse angler whose fishes with Northwjich Warringtom MIddlewhich in the past I’m looking to carp fish seriously thought if I join lymm Milbrook be an ideal place to learn rigs feeding just teen etc . I live less than 2 mile from Chester lakes does this mean lymm anglers can now fish there anytime or still need a 2 yr membership fine for me but not ideal for dad at his age I could fish Chester lakes regular and learn the art if carp fishing there so is there any way as a member of lymm that I can fish there straight away thanks Clive Os cos dad is 76 and can’t walk any distance Chester lakes would be ideal for him and me to take him . So if uve given up Milbrook is it possible to join lymm and fish Chester lakes this season I work shifts so be mostly fishing evenings and in the week when quiet thanks Clive Leonard poss new member also got work colleagues who are interested in joining
    When competent the plan was to move onto Belmont to try catch a 20 .

    • You can fish Chester Lakes as a member of Lymm AC however the Specimen Lake still requires you to be a members of 2 years standing and endorsement free. Doddleston Pool at Chester lakes is proving to be a good alternative to Milton Brook and would be more suitable for your needs to refine your technique before moving onto the bigger carp in Belmont and Founders. There is also Fields Farm Fishery as an equivalent for members based in the south of our catchment area with Wrinehill for the bigger specimens.

      • Hi thanks for your reply and information look forward to joining and being a member very soon if you need any help with anything in my area please Just ask . I used to keep and breed koi so I’d like to get involved wirh the netting coming up if not my shift at work thanks again Clive

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