Winterley Pool Netting

Lymm Angling Club will once again be undertaking a netting at Winterley Pool.

The 7.5 acre water situated near Haslington, Crewe, was recently netted over two days by Lymm AC with several thousands of silvers being relocated to other waters. This netting is being aided by the levels being reduced. It is hoped that removing even more silvers and small fish from the specimen pool will allow the larger inhabitants the chance to thrive further.

If you are available, please come to Whitley Compound at 8.30 am on either Saturday the 19th of January or the same time on Sunday the 20th of January. If you require further information, please use the Contact Us form or email

Please note that if the netting is deemed succesful on Saturday that the Sunday session may need not take place. Please keep an eye on all Lymm’s online and social media feeds.

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