Yet more water secured for Lymm Angling Club members to enjoy!

Waterloo Bridge at the start of our 4.5 mile stretch of the Bridgewater Canal…

Club Chairman and Fisheries Manager Neil Boaz has just confirmed that Lymm AC has secured another prestigious stretch of Canal.

Lymm now has exclusive fishing rights over 4 1/2 miles of The Bridgewater Canal stretching from Waterloo Bridge in Runcorn Old Town to Cawleys Bridge at Preston Brook. There have been articles published in the national angling press prior to the official announcement, but Lymm AC would only comment when the water had been sealed officially.

Said Neil.. “As well as securing these rights for our members, we are hoping to attract new members to the club who have fished the canal over the years. We will have a vigorous bailiffing program installed from Monday 11th February when the waters come under our jurisdiction.”

“The Bridgey” as it is known locally is famous for its large Pike, shoals of large Bream and some surprisingly large Carp. There are other mixed fish in the canal, with Roach reported over 2lb, and Perch over 3lb. This is great news for Lymm AC, and a final quote from Neil.. ” It only remains for me to say, Enjoy it!”

The stretch finishes at Crawley's Bridge near Preston Brook marina.

The stretch finishes at Crawley’s Bridge near Preston Brook marina.

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