Watty’s release and Some Owl Pics!

Before the work party today, the important task of returning “Watty” the Buzzard back to his territory had to take place. My Brother Ian, and his understudy Phil had brought him back to the place he was found in distress, Founders pool.


Ian and Phil are part of North Wales Bird Trust http://www.northwalesbirdtrust.co.uk/ who uncannily share a tag line similar to Lymm AC!


Watty arrived after a weeks rest in Rawtenstall with Delwyn and Maxine, in our kids Skoda pick up… don’t ask! Here’s Phil taking Watty out of the back, you can see our kid, we share the same gut line!




We headed to an area where Watty could be released and have an immediate recollection of his territory




And Phil readied the door for release..












Watty was away and straight to the top of the tree Andy Buckley, Paul Wild and Andy Watson and I had found him in distress, result! He flew away, being mobbed by Crows and was back where he belonged.


I had asked our Ian to bring two of his display Owls with him, as some mebers had asked about identifying Tawny and barn Owls. Both the Owls here were found in distress, and Our Kid and The North Wales Bird Trust had taken them on and given them a new lease of life. The members here were amazed at just how calm and well behaved they were, say hello to Maxine the Tawny Owl, and Delwynn the Barn Owl.














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