Whitley and Village Work Parties!



After last weeks appaling weather, the beautiful sunshine we experienced today was wonderful. A super turn out saw over 20 Members take to Village and Whitley to complete what work was started last week. I’m going to call it “The Robin peg” for anyone who has fished Village of late, the pair of cheeky Robins readily take maggot or bread from right under your feet or siting in the bait box. This peg had submerged a little, and today was the day it was fixed, that and the peg to the right, opposite what is now jokingly called ” the amphitheatre!” Today it was manned by Chris, who posts on the forum as Calbod, lovely to meet you in person today pal, here’s a pic of Chris in deep concentration!



The work party on Village started by laying stone on the path roadside of the pool, walking to the steps, this was in preparation of fixing The Robin Peg which was looking tatty..


is the peg after sleepers were laid to stop the stone escaping, this is the sloppy stone being dug out.


Next door, preparation was being made for the peg and path to be re instated, and was going well.









The day wore on and the graft was going on until.. Robin peg was sort of finished and Guy was happy!




It wasn’t finished just yet Guy!


Next door, the path and steps were being relaid and peg was being “Boxed Off!”, Guy, Andy and others really having a go!








So all was looking good…


Over on Whitley, the catch box pegs near the Village end were getting a bit of TLC




Who’s the Tree Climber???



And compound peg was finished!




So today saw a lot of work, carried out by some now tired members, a huge thanks to all who attended and made a massive difference!







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