Woodside and Lymmvale Work Party, 24/02/2013

A fantastic turn out of 19 members assembled at Whitley Compound, Woodside was the main target, to re-dress steps, clean up pegs and stack cut down trees for processing through a wood chipper.


A fine day with cloud saw the work eagerly tackled, and once again yours truly donned a dry suit, my missus has now hinted that I do have a  thing for rubber .. However, removing two big snags made getting cold worth it. An old Milk kit and a huge underwater limb from a tree are no longer there, and the leads and hooks show that they have caught a few out!


Some of the steps, even though recently refurbished had suffered, so the arrival of some timber decking, kindly donated by Pete McQuillan and delivered by Dave Penny was in the nick of time. I shot off to Lymmvale to pick up a chainsaw whilst the lads grafted at Woodside.


At lymmvale I saw Tony Cliff toiling with a barrow, and realising we had some members spare, I delivered three to Tony to assist. I was gobsmacked at the work carried out on my return, the lads were waiting on me for more supplies, so a hasty run to the compound, drop a load of old wood and re-load back saw the steps take place..


Here are the pictures from around Woodside of the steps and pegs.











A huge thank you to all who attended, some have now completed their overstamp, and there are one or two who have done more hours than required, and have pledged to do more. If you have never joined on a work party, the craic and banter is superb, today was by far the most fun I have had, the insults and jokes were flowing none stop. Thanks to Shaun Roffey for his valued input on a water he cares passionately about, and also for him laughing his socks off at me whilst in the drysuit wielding a blunt chainsaw!


Here’s the Motley Crew at the end of the day,



Hope to see some more on the next one!




3 thoughts on “Woodside and Lymmvale Work Party, 24/02/2013

  1. Where is whitley compound ? Would it not be possible to meet up at the actual water where the work is taking part…I live in crewe and have offered to help on any work taking place on waters close to me ……Micklewrights flash and Wrinehill pool or river dane at middlewich…with the cost of fuel, travelling to somewhere else before going to these waters will put people off volunteering. I have the time to spare, but don’t always have the transport.

    • Thanks for the reply Malcolm. Whitley Compound is close to Whitley Pool and is where materials are stored for work on most Lymm Waters. If there are work parties near you, and I believe there is one on Shakerley Mere 2nd March, you would be able to go straight to that water. We are all volunteers within the club, and everyone who attends pays their own fuel, the last work party had people from as far away as Preston and Glossop, there doesn’t seem to be an issue with getting volunteers.

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