Fields Farm Fishery business as usual…

FieldsFarmFisheries Stock Pool RS

The club would like to inform members that Field Farm Fishery will continue to be a shared water on the clubs portfolio after bankside rumours implied that we had taken full control of the fishery from 1st May. The confusion has arisen because the club will have sole access to Spring & New Pools fishery form 1st May.

The rumours have caused the owners considerable concern who is fully committed to continue to run the venue as a day ticket fishery and the club will be making every effort to inform members of the facts over the next few days.

It has also been noted that members are finding Sunday matches taking place on FFF and having to change plans on arrival, to find out what is happening on this popular match venue prior to making the trip check out the FFF website or give the owner Chris a call on 07867-500218.

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I'm 40 something and rapidly approaching the big 50 but I'm also mad keen angler based in Liverpool. Rivers are my preferred mode of fishing but during the close season I can be found 'sulking' on a still water waiting for the magnificent Tench to take my bait and put a bend in the rod!!

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