Lymm AC acquire exclusive fishing rights to Spring & New Pools from 1st May…

Spring & New Pools Detail

Lymm AC are pleased to announce that as of Wednesday 1st May members have exclusive 24/7 access to Springpool Fishery which is home to Spring & New pools . This popular day ticket water has provided members with years of productive fishing in the past and will continue to do so in the future as the cub will take full use of the fishery from tomorrow. An active fishery management program is being produced and club bailiffs will be on-hand to help with the transition to Lymm AC. On site facilities include ample parking with easy access to the pegs as well as 24/7 access to the toilet facilities.

Lymm AC member 'Smiler' looks very pleased with a big Cat...

Lymm AC member ‘Smiler’ looks very pleased with a big Cat…

These two delightful pleasure fishing pools are very well stocked with a mixture of coarse fish including bream, roach, rudd, green tench, golden tench, crucian carp, perch, barbel and grass, mirror and common carp. A good head of catfish, ranging from a few pounds to 35lb+ are also present can give any angler on lighter gear a real run-around. The pools are particularly suited to our lesser able bodied members as they offer easy access from the adjoining car park and low waterside railings on some of the pegs. Juniors and match anglers will also be at home here as the sport can be hectic.

Lymm AC Juniors will also base themselves here for the Junior Academy and match series held during Spring and Autumn each year. The seniors Match Section also hold rounds of their Spring & Autumn series at the venue and welcome members to join them in this competitive and fun branch of the sport.

If you’re a regular at Springpool fishery and would like to join Lymm AC you can do so here, with annual membership costing Juniors £10 per year, Pensioners £35, Intermediates £50 and Seniors £80 (Seniors pay a one off joining fee as well which is £35).  There is also a Bridgewater Canal only card at £20 and a River Severn & Canals card costing £35. Members have access to over 60 still waters, rivers and canals for more information visit our website

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