Jills Day Out….

Long time member Jill Steen has not been fishing in quite sometime, well we’re pleased to see that has now been rectified with a very enjoyable session recently with her hubby Big Dave for company. Here is Jills account of the day along with some great photo’s. Good to see you back on the bank Jill and we hope it’s the first of many sessions this season.

Jills Day Out 04

After over 3 long years of not fishing due to family issues and health reasons, I finally got back out on the banks yesterday!  It was my birthday, so what better way to celebrate than to go out and get my trusty margin pole back in action at what was always one of my favorite venues “Spring and New Pool”.

So after opening my cards & presents, and a hearty breakfast of Oat So Simple to keep me going lol – it was off to the post office first thing to buy a rod licence, and then off to Spring and New Pool with the big guy. The sun was shining and although it was quite windy it wasn’t cold.  Dave helped me set up and I decided to fish about 4 feet from the bank in front of a bushy shrub.  I started off with a single maggot on the hook over micro pellets and maggots, and was soon into a tiny roach of about 2oz.  There quickly followed another tiny roach – even smaller this time – so I knew it was immediately time for a change in tactics.  I switched to my favorite bait – sweet corn, and put a small but firm piece on the hook.  This time I baited out a small amount of micro pellets and corn again, but no maggots.  It was then a case of sitting patiently and waiting, and taking time to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Jills Day Out 03

I cannot describe how awesome it was to see such greenery around me, to feel the wind and sun on my face, and to smell the familiar scents of fishing again.  I have been housebound for so long, it was a real luxury to be back out in nature again. The ducks were well into their mating rituals and were making a lot of noise and doing a great deal of splashing and chasing each other.  A mother duck swam by with 8 cute little ducklings.  One mating pair then came up and sat beside me in my swim, quacking quietly to attract my attention, so I gave them a few maggots and the odd piece of corn here and there, and they remained beside me for most of the day. The drake had a beady eye on me while I fed his partner, and woe betide any other drake who tried to approach, he got well and truly seen off.  Still, by feeding them this way I kept them on my right hand side and out of my swim on my left.

Jills Day Out 05

I was then into my first decent fish, and it was a case of playing it and trying not to lose it in my excitement.  Dave helped me net it, and to my delight it was a skimmer of just over half a pound.  This was quickly followed by a further skimmer of over a pound.

Jills Day Out 01

Jills Day Out 09

I was shaking so much I decided not to hold them as I didn’t want them wriggle out of my hands, so pictures in the net sufficed for now; it was just lovely to have caught my first fish!  It was followed soon after by a male tench who weighed in at 2 1/2lb and again I decided against holding it.  I need to get my mojo back first lol.  The poor tench looked as though it had a run in with a hungry cat-fish, you can see the marks on its side.

Jills Day Out 02

We brought the gear in and had a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, and then it was back out again.  Dave had blanked up till now, but he was finally into a very nice looking crucian so I was glad he got something as I would never have lived it down pmsl.   He kept on moaning on telling me he was using the same bait as me and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting any knocks let alone catching bless his cotton socks.

Jills Day Out 06

Jills Day Out 07

Jills Day Out 08

We stayed until it started to go a lot cooler and the wind changed direction at about 3:30pm, and as there was no fish movement at all, we decided to call it a day.

We came home, had a quick shower and went for a curry – all in all a terrific day and my best birthday in years.  Here’s to next time!


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