Committee appoint a new Club President

The Committee are delighted to announce that long standing life member John Prescott has accepted the role of Club President and was duly appointed at the last Committee meeting. John takes up the position at a time when the the club continues to grow and maintain its position as one of the North West’s premier angling clubs. The President will represent the club at all levels of angling and we are delighted to see John join the team.

John Prescott – Club President

John Prescott 001I am a retired scientist whose career started with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and then at the University of Liverpool working in a branch of radiation chemistry.

For the club’s website the Committee gave me the user name of RADIOACTIVEMAN.

I joined Lymm Angling Club in the 1980’s. My involvement with the club was helping on work parties, becoming a Committee member until my late wife’s illness when I took a step back from my responsibilities with the club to look after her.

During my time on the Committee I held the position of Water Quality Officer producing a 168 page report entitled Basic Water Quality Tests on Selected Lymm Angling Club Waters 1998-2001.

After recovering from the shock of Brenda’s death, I returned to the fold and organised the then Wednesday night admin sessions, helping to process memberships and ensuring the club continued to run smoothly.

John Prescott 002In 2005 the Chairman and Committee asked me to write a waters guide for promoting the club at countryside shows. It was also used to show fisheries owners how the club cares for fish and the environment when discussing potential new waters.

I took on the task photographing all club waters and wrote about individual waters which, a year later, resulted in a portfolio book called A PICTORIAL GUIDE TO THE WATERS OF LYMM ANGLING CLUB which I proudly presented to the Committee in 2006. I’m pleased to see the original book is still in circulation and I have recently added our newly acquired waters to it’s ever growing pages.

I was honoured to accept the privileged position of President when recently asked by the clubs Chairman, Treasurer and Trustee on one of my regular Saturday morning visits to Lymmvale. Hopefully I have the ability to fulfil the role as competently as previous Presidents and look forward to meeting members both on the bank and at club events.

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