Ian stalks one out at Chester Specimen Lake

Specimen angler Ian Futcher took advantage of the all too brief sunshine to try a bit of good old fashioned stalking at one of the clubs premier carp waters today. Armed with the bare minimum of tackle and not a boilie in sight he applied water craft to great affect taking this stunning carp on a much forgotten about hook bait, Ian takes up the story…

Ian Futcher 25lb 4oz Mirror Carp Chester Specimen Lake

I rarely fish for carp behind bite alarms these days, much preferring to stalk individual fish on hot sunny days like today. On difficult specimen waters such as the Chester location is everything and with the sun beating down I arrived at the pool to find most of the lakes residents basking on the surface. So that was location sorted, the only thing now was to try and pick off one of the bigger specimens which were hiding amongst the smaller carp.

I made my way to the top end of the lake and found a group of nine fish mooching around, mainly single figures but a couple slightly bigger. Then one carp, noticeably larger than the rest waddled into the swim and I knew this was to be the target. Hiding behind some bankside shrubbery I watched and waited for it to come into range so I could offer it a bait without having to make a cast which would no doubt spook it. As time passed I stood with baited rod in hand anticipating the moment and eventually it came in just feet from the bank.

Without hesitation I slowly lowered my bait millimetres from the carps mouth and it sucked it straight in before it even hit the deck, I immediately struck and the battle commenced. The first run stripped thirty yards of line off the reel, I turned the fish and gained ground before it shot off again. After a ten minute tussle the fish relented and came to the waiting net, I dropped the rod and scooped it up with both hands, not letting this one get away!

William turned up to help with weighing and took some great photos for me and then we watched the fish swim back to freedom.

Ian Futcher 25lb 4oz Mirror Carp Chester Specimen Lake II

At 25lb 4oz smashes my previous PB by over 3lb so chuffed to bits with that, also as it was my first carp session on there I’m absolutely made up to have caught so soon.

Good Old Breadflake

Free-lined bread flake, 15lb line straight through to a size 10 Korda Kurv shank was all it took.


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I'm 40 something and rapidly approaching the big 50 but I'm also mad keen angler based in Liverpool. Rivers are my preferred mode of fishing but during the close season I can be found 'sulking' on a still water waiting for the magnificent Tench to take my bait and put a bend in the rod!!

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