Juniors and Adult Pairs – 16 June Chester Lakes


Carl McCormack's 17lb 6oz mainly method feeder caught fish.

Carl McCormack’s 17lb 6oz mainly method feeder caught fish.


Chris Finneran's 14lb 9oz of pellet waggler fish

Chris Finneran’s 14lb 9oz of pellet waggler fish


Group picture of all that took part. thanks everyone!

Group picture of all that took part. thanks everyone!


Kyle Hickman's 7lb 7oz

Kyle Hickman’s 7lb 7oz


Elliott Mavers 29lb 14oz

Elliott Mavers 29lb 14oz


Jack Ross 2lb

Jack Ross 2lb


Louis Mavers 9lb 8oz

Louis Mavers 9lb 8oz


Phil Ross 5lb 15oz

Phil Ross 5lb 15oz


Sarah Taylor 11lb 13oz

Sarah Taylor 11lb 13oz

Cloudy but dry skies greeted us for the annual dads and lads match, the match also served as a practice match for the upcoming Merseyside Championships taking place at the fishery. Warm temperatures all week should mean for a good match with fish showing.

The match saw seven pairs taking part, split over two lakes most anglers on the middle lake on the bank facing away from the café with four anglers on the bottom of the first lake.

It wasn’t long before fish were gracing the banks, some started on the method feeder and some on pellet waggler. Sarah Taylor started fishing shallow on the pole and was first to catch a small carp on her second fish her pole come apart and started to motor across the lake. Luckily after a minute or so the fish moved close the bank and we were able to hook it in. Mark Hickman was catching using the method feeder a short distance out fishing double maggot over groundbait. Chris Finneran was using a pellet waggler fishing about 18m out constantly firing 6mm pellets around the float fluctuating depths between 3ft and 8inches. Jack Ross was fishing a small waggler under the rod and catching some small Tench his dad on the next peg was fishing with a small method feeder a couple of rod lengths out and was catching the odd carp. New comes Elliott Mavers was catching well at the end of the second lake. He was catching early on the method and started to feed the closer in on the pellet waggler. Callum McCormack fishing the first lake facing the island was able to cast close the island and picked up the odd fish. Peter Smith and Connor Higham struggled in the corner with the wind blowing in their faces. Kyle Hickman lost a big fish at the net but was catching small carp in the corner of the first pool. Match section regular Kieron Lock was taking part with this son Dom and managed the biggest fish of the day with a 7lb mirror carp.


Mark Hickman – 11lb 13oz

Kyle Hickman – 7lb 7oz Total: 19lb 4oz

Peter Smith – 2lb

Connor Higham – 0 Total: 2lb

Elliott Mavers – 29lb 14oz

Louis Maver – 9lb 8oz –Total: 39lb 6oz

Callum McCormack – 5lb 13oz

Carl McCormack – 17lb 6oz Total: 23lb 3oz

Phil Ross – 5lb 15oz

Jack Ross – 2lb – Total: 7lb 15oz

Sarah Taylor – 11lb 13oz

Chris Finneran – 14lb 9oz Total: 26lb 3oz

Dominic Lock – 1lb 2oz

Kieron Lock – 8lb 10 – Total: 10lb 12oz

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