Juniors: 2nd Round of Autumn Series won by newcomer

Sunday 18th August saw the 2nd Round of the Lymm AC Juniors Autumn Series taking place on New Pool. We had 8 anglers in the match, new comers Jack Stansfield and Elliott Mavers joined the regulars. Recently we changed the rules to limit the matches to one bait which will change every event and this week it was HEMP Week. Anglers were allowed to use half a pint of any other bait plus as much hemp as they wish to use. So for many it was which bait they would add to the hemp. Most of the match was split between caster and sweetcorn.

The match started well for Jack Stansfield pegged in the right hand corner of New Pool and few small skimmers took his corn bait for an early lead. Sarah Taylor pegged next to Jack was fishing just off the island and hooked a carp which proceeded to take off around the back of the island, in the struggle sections of Sarah’s pole came loose and took off with the carp, luckily both were rescued shortly afterwards. Elliott Mavers was quiet getting on with netting lots of small roach on his caster hook bait but could not find any larger residents.

Back to the fishing and a small battle was happening between Connor Higham and Callum McCormack pegged next to each other between the islands, both were catching well throughout. Connor fishing with caster found his fish to be smaller than Callum’s who chose corn. Alex Warham and Kyle Hickman were pegged to the right of the pool and benefited from the hair cut the lake had received over the last few weeks. Alex was quick to net a small carp after two hours of fishing and Kyle left it to the dying seconds to hook a small carp which on light elastic took just under 10 minutes to land.

The next match will take place on the 1st September on Spring Pool.

Callum in fine form catching his way to 5lb 11oz

Callum in fine form catching his way to 5lb 11oz

Callum McCormack sporting the new Lymm AC Juniors teamwear talking to the 'enemy'.

Callum McCormack sporting the new Lymm AC Juniors teamwear talking to the ‘enemy’.

Freddie's brother Jake Didd catching a lovely crucian carp during his first session in the Lymm AC Academy.

Freddie’s brother Jake Didd catching a lovely crucian carp during his first session in the Lymm AC Academy.

Academy newcomers Freddie Didd getting to grips with fishing and off to a great start

Academy newcomers Freddie Didd getting to grips with fishing and off to a great start

Alex Warham's 4lb 15oz with this lovely small carp

Alex Warham’s 4lb 15oz with this lovely small carp

Callum McCormack with his 5lb 11oz

Callum McCormack with his 5lb 11oz

Jack Stansfield on his first match with us taking winning spot with 13lb 5oz of mainly skimmers caught on corn over hemp

Jack Stansfield on his first match with us taking winning spot with 13lb 5oz of mainly skimmers caught on corn over hemp

Sarah Taylor with her 8lb 3oz of fish and got to keep her topkit.

Sarah Taylor with her 8lb 3oz of fish and got to keep her topkit.

Newcomer Eliot Maver's 2lb 7oz

Newcomer Eliot Maver’s 2lb 7oz

Kyle Hickman with his carp and 6lb 12oz for third place.

Kyle Hickman with his carp and 6lb 12oz for third place.

Lymm AC acquire the final piece of the Llandrinio jigsaw…

Llandrinio The Boat House 03Lymm AC are pleased to announce that as of Saturday the 10th of August members have exclusive 24/7 access to  the final section of our Llandrinio stretch of the upper River Severn.

Once again an initial enquiry last month by local Lymm AC Bailiff Tom Casey led to discussions with the owners and an agreement was finalised last weekend.  At just on 250 yards in length the new stretch now joins our existing one and a half mile length and runs right up to the road bridge making it easier for members to identify the upper limit when roving along this beautiful part of the River Severn.

There is also a camp site available to members which includes toilet and wash room facilities and even has electric hook-up for those who fancy staying over in style!! At a very reasonable £4 per person per night the camping will no doubt encourage long stay anglers to spend more time on this challenging section of river.

Although the river was very low at the weekend there are some lovely glides for trotting by the bridge and the faster flowing white water looks well oxygenated and a very likely holding spot for barbel that are known to run into the 12lb+ mark and hide amongst the streamer weed which is visible along this length whilst the river is low.

Enjoy the new stretch of the Severn which we’re certain will reveal some surprises as the season gets under way and it will no doubt require time and effort to produce the bigger fish but anglers will not be disappointed!!

If you’re a river regular and would like to join Lymm AC you can do so here, with annual membership costing just £35 for a River Severn & Canals card which now offers a total of 7 quality stretches of the River Severn as well as 9 lengths of canal.

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Full memberships start from just £10 for Juniors, Pensioners £35 and £80 per year for seniors and provides access to over 65 still waters, rivers and canals. For more information visit our website www.lymmanglersclub.com, join now and we look forward to welcoming you to our club.

Welcome to a light hearted look at angling….

It was this big, honest...

It was this big, honest…

This section of the Blog is where members recall their funny fishing stories, some of which are actually true!! It’s intended as a light hearted look at angling when, just occasionally, things don’t always go as planned. If you’d like to submit your ‘Fisherman’s Tail’ then please feel free to do so via the clubs Contact Us page or members forum. The club cannot vouch for any of the stories published below however we do ensure that the content is appropriate for it’s intended audience and in-line with our family friendly ethos.


Lymm Admin.

The Smartcast Adventure

Lymm AC and forum member ‘billysiv’ wrote the following account of a day out doing some river ‘research’ some time ago and has kindly allowed it to be reproduced on the blog for all our members to enjoy.

‘The Smartcast Adventure’

“I’ve got a Smartcast.”

“Blimey, Neil when did you break your leg?”

“No, stupid! It’s a fish finder.”

“Oh yeah? How does that work then?”

“Come down to the Dove with me on Saturday and find out.”

“OK,  you’re on.”

That was the telephone conversation that started it all, between my long suffering fishing buddy, Neil and myself. It was still late May, we had three weeks to go before the opening of the season and a recce along the banks armed with a piece of technology to show us where all the barbel were, seemed the ideal preparation for the off.

So the following Saturday, with no need for an early start, I made my way to Neil’s place and we headed down the A50 for a certain weir on the Dove. Regulars will recognise the one I’m talking about. It has an island in the middle of the weir pool. It’s quite a long walk from the car park and it was a glorious sunny day, so we worked up a bit of a sweat. We had never been to this venue before. the weir pool looked very fishy and we speculated about the smart Georgian residence on the far bank with its manicured lawns and well cared for appearance. Obviously it was a residence of the local gentry.

Neil revealed his latest acquisition and patiently explained to me how it worked. I did think that the bright orange ship ‘thingy’ that he attached to his line reminded me of something Popeye would set sail in. However, the receiver was very impressive and I thought it

The River Dove

The River Dove

 resembled the equipment used when  the Luftwaffe were repulsed by Spitfires directed to their targets by WAFFS with bobbed hairdo’s and BBC accents, on a table map of southern England. ‘Tally Ho! Bandits at 10o’clock!’ My imagination was running riot and I was starting to enjoy myself.

Imagine how pleased I felt when Neil told me that this was to be my job, interpreting what appeared on the magic screen, whilst he cast around the weir pool with the orange ship ‘thingy’. So, while he adjusted the reception and fiddled with the technical bits, I decided upon a safe route across the sill of the weir from where we could explore all the swims it had to offer. Fortunately, the river was low and the water only trickled over the wide sill with little risk of us being washed away. after a few casts from the bank to establish that the equipment was performing correctly we ventured out along the sill.

Everything was going fine, it would be tempting fate to say swimmingly. We were surprised to discover how shallow the weir pool was, a maximum of four feet or so, according to the information the Smartcast was giving us. We edged our way across the weir to the gate in the middle with Neil casting around and letting the plastic ship explore every corner of the pool and me shouting out the information it was giving us. All the changes of depth but no fish.

“Wait, that was a fish!”


“Just then, a fish appeared on the screen, look! Oh no it’s disappeared now.”

I don’t really think Neil believed me.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, course I am. It was a big ‘un an’ all. Cast back to the same place again.”


I looked up as the brave little orange ‘ship’ splashed and began to bob its way down the pool. Imagine how stunned we were when, suddenly, there was a huge swirl and an enormous, toothy mouth engulfed our little vessel! Both pike and transmitter disappeared and Neil’s clutch began to tick as line was taken from his reel. Neither of us had imagined for a second that the local pike population would find the little orange ship attractive, but it’s always amazed me how pike will intercept the weird and wonderful array of lures mistaking them for food.

We were speculating on the outcome and Neil was beginning to calculate what a new ‘ship’ might cost, when the inevitable happened and the line parted. Amazingly, the pike must have decided that plastic wasn’t to her liking and up bobbed the ‘vessel’. We followed its course until it disappeared along the the far side of the island. We raced to the tail of the island but it failed to reappear.  Neil was feeling very glum, so in an attempt to cheer him up I did what any good friend would do and volunteered to become the ‘Water Spaniel’. It would be ‘easy- easy’, the weir pool wasn’t deep, it was a hot afternoon and a paddle would be cooling anyway.

The ship 'thingy'

The ship ‘thingy’

So stripping down to my Calvin Klein’s, I entered the water keeping my trainers on to combat the sharp gravel underfoot. I soon found my way across to the island, the water having come up to my Calvin’s at its deepest. I made my way around the island to the far side, opposite the smart Georgian residence and started to poke around among the bank side vegetation looking for where the transmitter had become lodged, all the time reporting back to Neil in a loud voice as he couldn’t see me. The wet underpants were becoming a hindrance as I was having to use one hand to hold them up all the time, so I did the sensible thing, took them off and slung them over one shoulder.

At last I found the gadget and secreting it behind my back, made my way back to the head of the island where upon seeing Neil waiting expectantly on the bank I shouted, “I’ve found the little orange bugger!” Holding the gadget up in one hand and my underpants up in the other, I did a triumphant dance! Neil was suddenly convulsing with laughter and on turning around,  I saw, on the finely manicured lawn of the Georgian residence, a bridal party complete with bridesmaids, posh guests and photographer, all of whom were staring across at my bare backside! I thought I heard a female voice remark, “It doesn’t look very orange to me”, but I can’t be sure.

I did what seemed the right thing to do and took a bow. I received a loud cheer and a round of applause, then beat a hasty retreat while the going was good. Neil was still shaking uncontrollably when I waded back to his bank and he couldn’t catch his breath for quite a while. We now know that the smart Georgian residence is in fact an upmarket hotel! So, if I made your wedding day unforgettable and you are reading this can I have a copy of any photos that I appear on please? Oh yes and if you have a Smartcast, always attach it with a wire trace, we do………………. now.

Our thanks go to ‘billysiv’ for sharing the tale of his comedic outing and for adding to the rapidly expanding range of articles available to us here at www.lymmanglersclub.com.

Sarah Taylor wins Autumn Series Opener

On-form Sarah Taylor won the first match of the Autumn Series with 11lb of mainly small roach caught shallow, but her catch also included a tench and large skimmer caught on pellet feeder.

Sarah Taylor's 11lb

Sarah Taylor’s 11lb

Academy starts with a fish to remember.

Young Alex started the Lymm AC Academy this week and what a way to start – talk about beginners luck! This 3lb carp fell to single maggot first cast much to the envy of the onlookers. The Academy is set up for novice anglers to go through the basics.

Alex's first fish during the Lymm AC Juniors Academy

Alex’s first fish during the Lymm AC Juniors Academy

Introducing Bait Week

Our next event is all about HEMP

Lymm AC Juniors are introducing ‘Bait Week’ to our regular junior matches. We are always looking for ways of getting young people to try different methods and, to make our matches more interesting, we are going to restrict participants to one primary bait together with one hook bait of their choice. So, for our next event on 18th August, each young angler is allowed to use as much hemp as they wish and then up to half a pint of any other bait such as caster, maggot or corn. We are using New Pool, part of a two-lake club fishery that has a good head of roach, plus tench and carp which will suit the bait this week.

For each event, the primary bait will change. For the next event held on Spring Pool, on the 1st September, it will switch to worm followed by bread and pellet. We will go through the tactics and various methods of preparing each bait with the young people that attend.  We also link to youTube videos via our Twitter and Facebook pages to help everyone prepare.

For more information about this and other Junior events at Lymm AC, visit our website www.lymmanglersclub.com  we look forward to hearing from you.



Shaun stalks the elusive Bollin Barbel

With my local River Bollin being so low and clear recently I finally got round to some fish location work with hopes of finding a Barbel or two (something I was hoping to do during the closed season).

Well I could not have picked a hotter day to do it and my biggest mistake was wearing shorts! Not ideal for battling through un-trodden nettles, brambles, thistles and worst of all 8ft tall giant hogweed plants.

Anyway this is what I did and it was hot and painful work but when I spotted a lone Barbel emerge from the near margin then disappear into the deeper water it was worth the pain just for that! Now to be honest I did see at least two other individual Barbel amongst two separate small groups of chub but these were smaller and how do you get them to take a bait before the chub?

To cut a long story short I managed to catch one chub from each group as expected and as I was returning chub number two I couldn’t miss the unmistakable pinkish orange shape of the lone Barbel I had seen earlier casually waddling between some streamer weed just upstream! So obviously I re-baited my single swan shot link ledger set up, made a cast just upstream of the fish and began a very slow retrieve to keep in touch with the rig and before I knew it I was connected to my first Bollin Barbel and probably my last for a while!

I had made my mind up I was going to catch a Bollin Barbel this season and I knew stalking in clear water was my best chance of location so I’m very happy indeed that my plan came together. I have been back several times now looking for more Barbel without success so feel luck definitely played a part!

Here’s the quite distinctive fish, it weighed 8lb 12oz.

Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel II River Bollin

Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel River Bollin

Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel River Bollin

And one from the other side – Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel River Bollin


Rob has a red letter day at Atcham

River convert Rob Kenyon decided on an evening visit to the clubs River Severn stretch at Atcham with very pleasing results, Rob, who’s recently taken to river fishing, takes up the story…

I had a great day yesterday after deciding to go to Atcham. Driving over the river I saw it had a bit of colour which I’ve heard is good for Barbel so my confidence was high.

Arriving to find I had the whole place to myself so I thought I would try and find Poachers field as local bailiff Steve Holland had put a picture on the forum and it looked very fishy. Eventually I found the swim and started feeding halibut pellets for an hour whilst I set up and had a nosey around putting the rods in at 4:30pm.

It didn’t take long before my rod bent right over and a huge battle ensued, my 9ft Shakespeare XT1 has never been bent so much in fact I don’t think I’ve ever had a bend in my rod like that, awesome fun but after 5 minutes of hard fighting it was in the net and weighed in at 8lb 2oz and a new PB for me!!

Robert Kenyon 8lb 2oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 8lb 2oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

This was shortly followed by two more at 3lb12oz and 4lb 2oz, I knew then I was in for good day. I then got snapped up by my best fish of the day and then lost another at the net due to tangled lines.

Robert Kenyon 3lb 12oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 3lb 12oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 4lb 2oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 4lb 2oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

I was fuming at losing the ‘big one’ but not for long another bend in the rod resulting in another Bertie Barbel 8lb 7oz yet another PB and all this before it had gone dark.

Robert Kenyon 8lb 7oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 8lb 7oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Into darkness we went slowly at first and then bang another Barbel and I’ve got to say playing a Barbel in the dark on the River Severn is quite an experience something I would recommend to any one. This one tipping the scales at 5lb 7oz and then one more about 12:30am at 7lb.

Robert Kenyon 5lb 7oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 5lb 7oz Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 7lb Barbel River Severn Atcham

Robert Kenyon 7lb Barbel River Severn Atcham

I called it a night, one very happy man and it was off on the long journey home getting in at 3am, totally shattered but still smiling!!

Lymm Admin.

Lymm AC Juniors secure 2nd place

Merseyside CADG LogoOn Saturday 27th July Lymm AC Juniors competed along side three other teams for the title of Merseyside Angling Champions 2013. The annual event taking place at Chester Lakes Fishery in Rouge Hill near Chester was open to teams of six anglers aged under 17 years old. Run by Merseyside County Angling Group (Mersey CADG), a group set up by the Angling Trust to increase participation in angling through better access through organised events, fun days and networking between fishing clubs, coaches, tackle industry and fisheries. 

Teams from Netherley Valley Youth Angling Group, Lymm Angling Club, Matrix Tameside and Pilkington Anglers Association entered the competition and spread over two lakes on the fishery nerves were high as the young anglers gathered. Temperatures has been in the 20’s all week and with the threat of rain this meant that fish were mainly up in the water and this formed the main approach for all teams. Many using pole and many taking to pellet waggler tactics to draw out as many fish as possible. As the competition began it wasn’t long before fish were being caught young Richard Hansley (Lymm AC Juniors) on his first team match on a lake he had never seen before caught a small carp first cast which settled his nerves and put him in good stead for the rest of the match. One of the early leaders was Tom Heron (Matrix Tameside) who in the first hour had a 5lb carp plus plenty of small carp and with no sign up of the fish letting up the chance was there to run away with the competiton. Josh Ward-Trow (Matrix Tameside) was catching steadily but loosing just as many fish, fishing soft elastic meant that he was able to hook more fish but at times the fish were able to make a late break for it and escape.

Across the two lakes fishing was beginning to slow and many people were struggling to catch. Matrix Tameside, fresh from their win at the Cadet Nationals were making their charge! Four out of the six sections were being taken apart by these young anglers. But in E and F section Lymm where holding their own, young Richard Hansley was bagging carp shallow on the waggler, considering he had never used one before that day he was handling it brilliantly. And Ronan Haferty was having a great late battle with Sarah Taylor. But there was one angler who was quietly going about his business, Tom Herron’s debut for his new matrix team couldn’t have been going any better. He was working his shallow pole and waggler lines like a real pro, steadily catching carp. Callum McCormack on A section caught a few fish early but everything slowed down and although he scraped a few fish towards the end enough for third place in the section. Connor Higham struggled and the fish did not show up even though the angler to his left was finding them. He switched to a maggot approach and picked up small perch with the hope of something bigger moving in but unfourtunately they didn’t. New comer to the team Nathan Brooks was pegged to the eventual winner but struggled to get the larger residents to settle on his shallow pole tactic and although switching onto the pellet waggler that was producing so well for Tom Heron it was too late and a few late fish took second place in the section. Team Captain Kyle Hickman was pegged in a very tight corner and did really well to draw out 3lb of fish with anglers either side and opposide all competing for space.

As the match drew to a close it was obvious which team had won, but second, third and fourth couldn’t be called, it was down to the scales to work their magic! With one section win, two seconds, two thirds, and a fourth, it was with great delight that Lymm AC Juniors were confirmed as second place!! Pilkington AA finished in third place, just one point behind Lymm AC Juniors. The individual results were a true testimony to the ability of the Matrix Tameside juniors, filling the top three places. And it was that man Tom Herron who won the title of individual champion 2013, with a fantastic weight of 55lb, that’s what you call setting the bar high! Definitely his first of many and a bright future with the team. Also congratulations to Josh Ward-Trow in second place (43lb) and the Sarah Taylor who celebrated becoming a teenager with a thrid place weight of 29lbs.


Nathan Brooks 7lb 14oz enough for 2nd in section.


Young Callum McCormack with 10lb 5oz for section third


Connor Higham with 13oz but was unlucky not to see a carp.

035 small

Under 13’s County Champion Richard Hansley his 18lb enough for a section win.


Top weight for the team Ronan Hafferty with 24lb 11oz beating the angler on the next peg by 1oz and crucial in keeping in the second place spot.

So congratulations to Matrix Tameside for a brilliant win, but a personal and massive congratulations to the Lymm AC Juniors for taking second place against some great young anglers, third last year, second this year, it’s going to be first next year lads!!!
061 069small

Next team match is in September for the NJAA where Lymm AC are looking to enter a Junior Team (14-18s) and a Cadet Team (under 14s) if you are interested in taking part please contact Chris Finneran on 07525360804 or christopher.finneran@gmail.com