Shaun stalks the elusive Bollin Barbel

With my local River Bollin being so low and clear recently I finally got round to some fish location work with hopes of finding a Barbel or two (something I was hoping to do during the closed season).

Well I could not have picked a hotter day to do it and my biggest mistake was wearing shorts! Not ideal for battling through un-trodden nettles, brambles, thistles and worst of all 8ft tall giant hogweed plants.

Anyway this is what I did and it was hot and painful work but when I spotted a lone Barbel emerge from the near margin then disappear into the deeper water it was worth the pain just for that! Now to be honest I did see at least two other individual Barbel amongst two separate small groups of chub but these were smaller and how do you get them to take a bait before the chub?

To cut a long story short I managed to catch one chub from each group as expected and as I was returning chub number two I couldn’t miss the unmistakable pinkish orange shape of the lone Barbel I had seen earlier casually waddling between some streamer weed just upstream! So obviously I re-baited my single swan shot link ledger set up, made a cast just upstream of the fish and began a very slow retrieve to keep in touch with the rig and before I knew it I was connected to my first Bollin Barbel and probably my last for a while!

I had made my mind up I was going to catch a Bollin Barbel this season and I knew stalking in clear water was my best chance of location so I’m very happy indeed that my plan came together. I have been back several times now looking for more Barbel without success so feel luck definitely played a part!

Here’s the quite distinctive fish, it weighed 8lb 12oz.

Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel II River Bollin

Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel River Bollin

Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel River Bollin

And one from the other side – Shaun Roffey 8lb 12oz Barbel River Bollin


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