Sarah Taylor wins Autumn Series Opener

On-form Sarah Taylor won the first match of the Autumn Series with 11lb of mainly small roach caught shallow, but her catch also included a tench and large skimmer caught on pellet feeder.

Sarah Taylor's 11lb

Sarah Taylor’s 11lb

Academy starts with a fish to remember.

Young Alex started the Lymm AC Academy this week and what a way to start – talk about beginners luck! This 3lb carp fell to single maggot first cast much to the envy of the onlookers. The Academy is set up for novice anglers to go through the basics.

Alex's first fish during the Lymm AC Juniors Academy

Alex’s first fish during the Lymm AC Juniors Academy

Introducing Bait Week

Our next event is all about HEMP

Lymm AC Juniors are introducing ‘Bait Week’ to our regular junior matches. We are always looking for ways of getting young people to try different methods and, to make our matches more interesting, we are going to restrict participants to one primary bait together with one hook bait of their choice. So, for our next event on 18th August, each young angler is allowed to use as much hemp as they wish and then up to half a pint of any other bait such as caster, maggot or corn. We are using New Pool, part of a two-lake club fishery that has a good head of roach, plus tench and carp which will suit the bait this week.

For each event, the primary bait will change. For the next event held on Spring Pool, on the 1st September, it will switch to worm followed by bread and pellet. We will go through the tactics and various methods of preparing each bait with the young people that attend.  We also link to youTube videos via our Twitter and Facebook pages to help everyone prepare.

For more information about this and other Junior events at Lymm AC, visit our website  we look forward to hearing from you.



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