Paul Jones smashes his PB by 10lb!

New Lymm AC member, Paul Jones only recently returned to fishing after a lengthy break and as a former ‘pleasure and occasional match angler’, only started specifically targeting carp  in the past couple of months.

Tuesday 3rd September saw Paul arrive at the Belmont estate at around 6 p.m. for an overnighter, however, on finding the main pool full of anglers, he decided to set up on Serpentine for the night and fished the end bay peg on the left. After an hour or so getting set up, preparing hook lengths, pva sticks etc, Paul was eventually settled and was fishing one rod over to left of the bay and the other fished to the opposite bank.

It was well into darkness before any action was forthcoming when, at 10.40 p.m., his right hand bite alarm burst into life, signalling a fast take. There then followed quite a lengthy fight, with the fish allowing itself to be drawn to almost within netting range, then powering off again taking line against Paul’s delicately-set clutch on several occasions. Eventually, the battle took a swing in Paul’s favour and the fish was drawn over the net cord.

On weighing the fish, Paul was immediately ‘blown away’ to learn that he had easily beaten his previous PB carp of 15lb with a mirror of 25lb! A couple of quick photos were done and the impressive carp was slipped back, leaving Paul overjoyed and with a grin a mile wide! He went on to capture a further two carp during the session.

'Blown away'

‘Blown away’

If you fancy having a go for some quality carp like this, or any other style of coarse fishing at Lymm’s numerous and varied venues, then simply visit the website  We look forward to hearing from you.

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