Shakerley Mere Netting

Phase one of the netting of Shakerley Mere was carried out last week. Two Silver Carp were removed  (32lbs and 31lbs)  together with a Wels Catfish ounces over 44lbs, which was moved under licence to Wrinehill. The netting also captured a few hundred pounds of  large bream, some of which would be double figures at the right time of year. Those of you who were there would have seen  just how hard the team grafted in what is a considerable expanse of water and especially so given how cold a day it was, so well done and thank you to everyone who  participated. The purpose of the exercise was to show CEFAS that we have taken meaningful steps to remove those species that should not be in there. To that end, the day was a success and we will make a further effort to net it again in tandem with the EA team.



More nettings are due to take place over the winter, anyone interested in taking part please contact club secretary Andy Watson on 07432 874 977

Catch Of The Month Competition December 2013

Welcome to Lymm Angling Clubs Catch of the Month Competition December 2013.

The December Catch of the Month competition with a prize of £50 worth of Nash PegOne & Fish Frenzy bait from sponsors Fishing UK previously Baileys Bait & Tackle in Woolston, Warrington has been won by Lymm member, Oli (some of you will know him as ‘Yaffle’ on the Lymm forum) with a fine winter perch taken from the Lymm AC stretch of the Macclesfield Canal at Buglawton during a session spinning for predators. The big stripey “nailed” Oli’s Mepps spinner under the rod tip! Oli commented, “I didn’t weigh it, but it’s definitely my biggest perch by a long way and I’m absolutely ecstatic to have a fish like this in my album!” Well done, Oli, a cracking perch indeed.

Oli's 'stripey'!

Oli’s ‘stripey’!

Members can find out how to enter this months competition by clicking here, good luck and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it so get out there and start catching!