Some old tackle, perseverance and a little luck!

Lymm AC’s Graeme Roberts has spent at least one day each weekend throughout the winter, targeting a personal best chub from the River Dane. On occasions, he’s been out there ‘doing it’ when most others (myself included!) have looked out of the window at home, nudged the thermostat up a couple of degrees and put the kettle on !

On a recent outing, Graeme decided on a change of venue and made the 70 mile journey down to a Lymm stretch of the River Severn, only to find it over it’s banks and in the fields (apparently, Graeme didn’t see any of the news coverage that the entire nation was sick of seeing regarding floods!) Again, most people would have called it a day and made their way home, but Graeme HAD to go fishing! So, he did the return journey and made his way straight back to the Dane for a 24 hour session.

Twenty-three hours in and Graeme was still fish-less, but then his luck turned. Having a bit of a penchant for old, more traditional methods and tackle, he was fishing six pound line straight through on a split-cane rod, coupled with a self re-furbished Mitchell 300 reel. Having got a couple of casts wrong, Graeme decided to drop in his final choice of swim for the last hour and went for a last gasp cast with a free-lined lump of luncheon meat.


In the net!


10lb 6oz of River Dane barbel.

Not much later, the meat was picked up and so began a fair old ‘tug of war’ between angler and his, as yet unseen, adversary. The clutch on the old Mitchell couldn’t be relied upon and for a good while, Graeme was forced to play the fish by backwinding where necessary. A combination of split-cane rod, old reel and relatively light line, plus some good angling skills, eventually saw Graeme slide the net under what turned out to be a new personal best barbel of 10lb 6oz.

Graeme's new PB barbel and his old tackle!

Graeme’s new PB barbel and his old tackle!

Congratulations to Graeme on a great bit of angling, just reward for all the effort put in and another excellent barbel specimen from a Lymm stretch of river, even in the depths of winter!

If you’d like to experience the same kind of angling, visit our website at for details of how to join, including full details of the incredible value rivers card. We look forward to hearing from you!

One thought on “Some old tackle, perseverance and a little luck!

  1. Go on Grazy! You are an inspiration! You can’t help buzzing off your love of the sport. Thankyou mate.


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