Lymm AC announce access to another new water.

Lymm AC are pleased to announce that as of 1st March, it’s members will have access to another new water.  Successful negotiations by the Committee have secured access to The ‘Lake of Tranquility’ at Leeswood, not far from the A55, near to Mold and Chester.
Boasting two waters, the main 3 acre lake and a smaller ‘horseshoe’ lake.
Tranquility Lake is a 3 acre stunning, natural looking match style lake with 40 pegs. Heavilly stocked with carp to 18lbs, F1’s to 4lb, barbel to over 10lb, tench to 5lb as well as bream to 5lb, it also holds a large number of silver fish such as roach, ide, skimmers, chub and perch.
The ‘Horseshoe’ lake is just that, a horseshoe shaped water, 16 metres at it’s widest point with the same depth features throughout and an ideal water for members to hone their match skills or simply spend a few action filled hours – F1’s dominate this water with the odd larger carp to 10lb, chub, skimmers, roach and tench.
As the waters will be shared access, it will be a pre-requisite that members wishing to fish should first contact the management by phone to ensure availability, particularly with a view to fishing overnight. Should it be the case that a match is being held (there are open matches held every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) then every effort will be made to accommodate Lymm anglers on pegs that will not spoil the fishing for either themselves or match anglers. Lymm members will be subject to the usual Lymm AC rules, plus any additional rules in place at the fishery.
Please remember, Lymm members should ring Dave on 07751 235728 to confirm availability.

Visit our website and see how easy it is to join!

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