Grimsditch improvements update.

Here’s the latest update from Shaun’s blog……….


Following a break in the work party schedule, this weekend saw a great turn out of willing club members and plenty of materials ready for a productive day of peg reconstruction. And a productive day it was, everyone seemed in good spirits and keen to get stuck in as the friendly banter flowed it was easy to explain what was wanted when anyone had a question or if I had a suggestion to make.

Most of the existing pegs apart from being well past good condition are wooden box type constructions with huge great steps at the side mostly leading to the water rather than the actual “pegs” The basic idea really is to be rid of all the ugly and unnecessary “boxes” in favor of simple peg fronts and safe steps leading to these fishing positions.

As you can see some pegs were pretty hazardous with the amount of scaffold poles protruding from the ground :

The ditch 007

This peg now looks like this from the same angle :

Grimditch  (41)

And like this from the other side of the pool :

Grimditch  (36)

The next peg along was left looking like this after the last work party with most of the metal and rotten steps removed :

The ditch 005

It now looks like this :

Grimditch  (45)

Grimditch  (37)

The next peg was left looking like this and I was glad it wasn’t finished :

The ditch 004

It now looks like this :

Grimditch  (49)

A different angle :

Grimditch  (48)

I have not got any before shots of these next two pegs but they were not pretty and now look much better with easier access too :

Grimditch  (51)

Grimditch  (25)

And finally the large car park peg has had a dressing of stone and wood chip :

Grimditch  (38)

So a brilliant day and lots of quality work done with most folk staying well after the minimum required overstamp time too!

Thanks, Shaun and all the others involved in the work, it looks fantastic!

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