Wrinehill ‘Corker!’

Lymm AC member, Oliver Cork, hadn’t done an overnight fishing session before, but was keen to do so. Quite correctly, he made sure he had equipped himself with all the necessary stuff to enable him to fish safely and efficiently through the night and then went to Lymm’s Wrinehill Pool in the hope of a fish !

Oli’s day passed very quietly, no fish had been caught the night before and although fish were ‘showing’ all over the pool, darkness fell and Oli settled down for the night not expecting much, if any action.

At 10pm, Oli received a fast take on one of his rods and with his alarm screaming, Oli did the timeless classic of scrambling from his bivvy, shoeless and into three inches of mud! There then followed a protracted (15 minutes) fight with what was clearly a good fish. It eventually glided over the net cord and once lifted on the scales, they recorded a weight of 23lb 7oz of mirror carp, Olivers first from an overnighter and a new personal best in to the bargain – well done Oli !

Oliver's new personal best of 23lb 70z!

Oliver’s new personal best of 23lb 70z!

If you’d like to enjoy similar action at one of Lymm’s many waters, then simply visit www.lymmanglersclub.com where you will details of all our waters and how to join!

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