Juniors Report – Round 2

Round 2 of the Spring Series saw better conditions than the previous round. Rain looked on the cards but the strong wind had gone and a warmer day looked to offer better fishing.

Straight away fish were there to be caught and young Darius on peg 1, who fished his first match the previous round but blanked, got off to a great start with a string of small roach.

Young Megan Higham, who did so well last round, drew the fancied peg 6 and Nev Henshaw spent the day with Megan going through techniques to get the very best out of the peg. It wasn’t long before she was off and catching, using 4mm expender pellets over a bed of micro pellets feeding using a small pole pot meant that any fish would tightly shoal around the feed and offer bites to catch a number of fish.


The best start however, went to Ben Foster who, on his first cast, foul hooked a 3lb carp in the tail and managed to scoop it into his landing net at the second attempt.

Callum McCormack fishing the same peg as the one he blanked in last round got off to a familiar start with bites being hard to come by. He ended up getting bites using his top 3 kit offering maggots close in. He managed to hook a big fish, however, using light elastic the fish got the better of him this time.

Sarah Taylor, pegged at the bottom of the lake, was quietly adding fish to the net throughout the day. The newly sponsored Maver angler put a really good net of fish together without a great deal of fuss.

Pegged next door, Josh Lyon could not get any big fish to play ball, however, he got on with catching some nice roach and skimmers.


Ben Foster with his first Lymm win. Catch of 11lb 14oz


Sarah Taylor catch of 10lb 9oz good enough for second


Josh Lyon catch of skimmers and Roach for 3lb 11oz


Megan Higham managed to put a net of skimmers together for 3lb 3oz with the help of Nev


Kyle Hickman with his 1lb 8oz


Callum McCormack with his 8oz roach catch


Darius with his 13oz of roach

Jack Stansfield catch of 8lb 12oz of skimmers caught early.

Jack Stansfield catch of 8lb 12oz of skimmers caught early.

IMG_0146 IMG_0150 IMG_0152 IMG_0153Next match will now take place on Sunday 27th April rather than Easter Sunday as originally scheduled. No change to any other dates at this stage.

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