Lymmvale produces a thirty!

Lymm AC member, William Tabern, paid the ‘Vale a visit recently for a carping session. He’d already had a few of it’s residents on previous visits and was looking to continue in the same vein. In any event, it was another result for William, as he outlines below……

“I arrived at the ‘Vale and with my little girl, Rihannon in tow, had a quick walk round hoping to spot some fish. I found fish in three different areas so placed buckets in a couple of swims before having a chat with another member who informed me that he’d had a result in the shape of a 29lb+ fish, excellent news for him.

I got the barrow loaded up and as I did, I noticed that the chap in the swim where I had seen the most activity, was packing up to leave so, not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly retrieved the other two buckets and shot in there! The rods and brolly were set up and I began to watch several fish (including one called ‘The Cow’) and their patrol route(s).

Having observed their movements for a while, I placed a kilo of chopped and whole SS4 boilies (courtesy of Pukka Squirrel Baits) on a spot that was just a rod length off the bank and watched as the fish returned and immediately got their heads down. Picking my moment carefully, I lowered a single hookbait, with a tiny bag of crumb, onto the spot and sat back. After 30 minutes, I felt as though something wasn’t right and so it proved, as I swung the rig back in to find it covered in weed.

A few minutes later, another rig was being swung out, this time with a pop-up attached and the spot was topped up with a little more bait and I again sat back. Just ten minutes had passed when the rod was almost ripped off the banksticks – I was in!

From the moment I leaned into the fish, I knew it was one of the bigger ones as it went on run after run, slow and deep and after plenty of heart stopping moments, over the net cord she slid!

William's stunner of a mirror carp!

William’s stunner of a mirror carp!

Young Liam was by now at my side and helped with the weighing and also witnessed the scales as they swung round to 30lb 4oz – result! It was even better to see how delighted my little girl was to see a big old carp! Liam also did the photos for me which turned out superb. Cheers, Liam.”

….30lb+ of Lymmvale mirror!

….30lb+ of Lymmvale mirror!


Well done, William, a cracking read, superb fish and excellent pictures! If you would like a chance to fish waters like Lymmvale and catch fish such as William’s, simply log on to where you can see details of all  our waters and how to join, we look forward to hearing from you!


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