Juniors: Autumn Series round 2

On Sunday 31st of August the second round of the 2014 Autumn Series took place on New Pool. With overcast skies and the strong likihood of a downpoor or two the match looked destined for an interesting affair.

The first hour was very easily forgotten as not a lot of fish were moving and overnight heavy rain it seemed had switched off the fish. On peg 14 Ben Fowler had managed to look a small carp shortly after the hour mark so everyone hoped it was a sign of things to come. Fishing opposite was last weeks winner Yestyn Sephton fishing a long pole, around 14.5m toward the island was fishing chopped worm and catching 8-12oz skimmer pretty steadily. Fishing light elastic he had the other anglers worried and yards of elastic would stream out. Fishing light elastic is very popular now with the introduction of pulla-kits. This offers soft elastic on the strike and while bringing the fish in but when you are ready to net the fish you can tighten the elastic by pulling on the butt end and land the fish successfully. There is a chain of thought that the least resistence given to the fish will mean the less the fish fights and ultimately more fish landed.

One of our youngest anglers James Dineley was fishing next to Yestyn and being only 7 years old he is hardly able to hold a pole at half the distance of Yestyn, that didn’t stop him putting together an impressive net of fish including some larger of the skimmers resident in New Pool. James began fishing the series late in the Spring Series and has come on leaps and bounds, you can see the excitement of catching fish of any size is still written all over his face.

On the other end of the pool Darius Burton was fishing his first match for a while after breaking his arm earlier in the year. His reward was drawing Peg 6 “Sarah’s peg” which is normally the peg which everyone wants to draw. This peg is the deepest on the lake and usually the holding place for the resident skimmers. Darius fished around 8m out fishing expander pellet while feeding micros and groundbait, he managed to string together a number of the larger skimmers however, was struggling with smaller fish and false bites called line bites.

In the later stages of the match is usually where the larger fish are seen, one such angler hoping for this was Connor Higham on peg 1. A removed tree in the margin is usually the hiding place for resident carp, he fed a number of baits in this margin hoping for a larger fish late on. Unfortunately Connor did not get what he wanted however, he did hit a carp only to pull out as the fish raced back to its hiding place.

In the end Yestyn Sephton was outright winner with 9lb 9oz while our youngest member James Dineley managed his first top three finish in second with 6lb.

Yiz 31aug

Yestyn Sephton’s catch of 9lb 9oz

Alex 31aug

Alex Warham with his skimmer for a catch of 1lb 5oz

Ben 31aug

Ben Fowler’s catch of 6lb 1oz for 3rd

Darius 31aug

Darius’s catch of 4lb 14oz good enough for 4th

David 31aug

David Smith 3lb 7oz in 5th place.

James 31aug

James Dineley’s catch of 6lb 14oz to take 2nd place

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